16 - Talking About Yesterday

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1226. When did you get up yesterday morning?

1226. 你昨天早上几点起床?

2227. At about seven.

2227. 七点左右。

3228. I heard the clock, but I didn't get up until 9.

3228. 我听见闹钟了,但我捱到九点才起。

4229. I woke up seven and got up right away.

4229. 我七点醒了,然后马上起床了。

5230. I hurried to my office.

5230. 我匆忙赶到办公室。

6231. I had my breakfast on the way.

6231. 我在路上吃的早饭。

7232. I was just on time.

7232. 我刚好赶上。

8233. I was 10 minutes late.

8233. 我迟到了五分钟。

9234. I had lunch with a friend of mine.

9234. 我和我的一个朋友一块吃了午饭。

10235. I finished my work at 6 p.m.

10235. 下午6点我下班了。

11236. I stayed and did some extra work.

11236. 我留下加了一会儿班。

12237. The TV programs were really boring, so I went to bed very early.

12237. 电视节目很无聊,所以我早早睡了。

13238. I read a magazine in bed.

13238. 我躺在床上看杂志。

14239. I didn't sleep well.

14239. 我没睡好。

15240. I slept soundly all night.

15240. 我整夜睡的很熟。