20 - Asking Questions

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1286. Where are you going?

1286. 你去哪儿?

2287. Where did you go for dinner yesterday?

2287. 你们昨天去哪儿吃的饭?

3288. When will he come to see you?

3288. 他什么时候来看你?

4289. When did you buy the car?

4289. 你什么时候买的车?

5290. Who told you?

5290. 谁告诉你的?

6291. Who will accompany you to the airport?

6291. 谁将陪你去机场?

7292. Why don't you agree?

7292. 你为什么不同意?

8293. Why not go out for a walk?

8293. 干吗不出去散步?

9294. How did you spend your holiday?

9294. 你假期怎么过的?

10295. How are you doing these days?

10295. 这些日子你怎么样?

11296. What did he say in the letter?

11296. 他在信里说什么了?

12297. What are you going to do with the books?

12297. 你打算拿这些书怎么办?

13298. What were you doing when I called?

13298. 我打电话给你时你在干吗?

14299. I was about to leave.

14299. 我正要出门。

15300. Can you guess what I was doing this morning?

15300. 你能猜到今天上午我在做什么吗?