22 - Asking For Help

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1316. Would you please open the door for me?

1316. 请你帮忙开个门好吗?

2317. May I ask you a question?

2317. 我能问你个问题吗?

3318. Please give me a hand.

3318. 请帮我个忙。

4319. Could you do me a favor?

4319. 能请你帮个忙吗?

5320. Would you help me remove the refrigerator?

5320. 能帮忙移一下冰箱吗?

6321. Get me my coat, please.

6321. 请帮我拿下外套。

7322. Make me a cup of coffee, will you?

7322. 给我冲杯咖啡,好吗?

8323. Call me tomorrow if you have time.

8323. 明天要有时间就给我打个电话。

9324. Could you tell me where I can find these books?

9324. 您能告诉我在哪儿能找到这些书吗?

10325. Certainly.

10325. 当然了。

11326. With pleasure.

11326. 很高兴。

12327. I'm sorry. I'm engaged now.

12327. 对不起,我现在正忙着。

13328. I'm glad to, but I'm afraid I don't have the time.

13328. 我很乐意,但我恐怕没时间。

14329. Would you mind closing the window for me?

14329. 能帮我关一下窗户吗?(你介意关下窗户吗?)

15330. Not at all.

15330. 当然可以。(当然不介意)