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1451. What do you plan to do this Friday?

1451. 明天你打算干什么?

2452. What are you doing next week?

2452. 下周你干什么?

3453. I plan to go to the concert.

3453. 我打算去听音乐会。

4454. I'm thinking of going to my grandma's.

4454. 我想去外婆家。

5455. I'll go skiing of the weather permits.

5455. 天气允许的话,我会去滑雪。

6456. I suppose I can finish the project next year.

6456. 我想我明年完成此工程。

7457. I have no idea.

7457. 我不知道。

8458. It's up to you.

8458. 由你决定。

9459. I'm considering buying a house.

9459. 我想买套房子。

10460. Hi, Jack, what lessons will you take this semester?

10460. 你好,杰克,这学期你选什么课?

11461. Hi, Lucy. I'll take French and Economics.

11461. 你好,露西,我想选法语和经济。

12462. I'm taking Chinese and History.

12462. 我将选中文和历史。

13463. Do you plan to do some odd jobs?

13463. 你打算打工吗?

14464. Yes, I'm applying to work at the library.

14464. 是的,我在申请图书馆管理员的工作。

15465. Good luck!

15465. 祝你好运。