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1466. It's up to you.

1466. 由你决定。

2467. You have the final say.

2467. 你说了算。

3468. She insists that it doesn't matter.

3468. 她坚持说那没关系。

4469. He's made up his mind to quit his job.

4469. 他已决定辞去他的工作。

5470. I've decided not to sell the house.

5470. 我决定不卖房子了。

6471. I'm determined to leave.

6471. 我决意要走了。

7472. Have you decided?

7472. 你决定了吗?

8473. No, I haven't decided yet.

8473. 不,还没有。

9474. I've changed my mind.

9474. 我改主意了。

10475. It's still undecided.

10475. 还没决定。

11476. Don't hesitate any more.

11476. 别在犹豫了。

12477. Give me a definite answer, please.

12477. 请给个明确的答复。

13478. It's really hard to make a decision.

13478. 挺难做决定的。

14479. I'm always making resolutions, like giving up smoking.

14479. 我总在做出决定,比如戒烟。

15450. Don't shilly-shally.

15450. 别犹豫不决。