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1481. Do you like traveling?

1481. 你喜欢旅游吗?

2482. Yes, I've just come back from Scotland.

2482. 是的,我刚从苏格兰回来。

3483. How did you get there?

3483. 你怎么去的?

4484. I got there by plane.

4484. 我坐飞机去的。

5485. Where did you visit?

5485. 你去参观了哪些地方?

6486. I only had time to visit Edinburgh.

6486. 我只有时间去爱丁堡。

7487. How did you like it?

7487. 你喜欢那儿吗?

8488. It's fantastic.

8488. 那儿棒极了。

9489. Why did you go there?

9489. 你为什么去那儿?

10490. I went there on business.

10490. 我出差到那儿。

11491. And do you have friends there?

11491. 你在那儿有朋友吗?

12492. Yes, a lot of friends.

12492. 是的,很多。

13493. You must have enjoyed yourself.

13493. 你一定玩的很开心。

14494. Yes, and I took many pictures.

14494. 是的,我还照了好多照片。

15495. Please let me see them.

15495. 让我看看。