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About Shopping In Chinese, In English, English to Chinese translation, of, 英文到汉语中文翻译对照阅读

1496. Will you go shopping with me?

1496. 你跟我去买东西吗?

2497. Here's your change.

2497. 这是找你的钱。

3498. I'll go to pick up some odds and ends at the store.

3498. 我要到商店买些零碎的东西。

4499. Excuse me, would you tell me where I can get some butter?

4499. 打扰一下,您能告诉我黄油在哪儿卖吗?

5500. May I have a look at the watch?

5500. 我能看看这块表吗?

6501. May I try it on?

6501. 我能试试吗?

7502. This is too small for me. Do you have a bigger one?

7502. 这个太小了,有大点的吗?

8503. Do you have any more colors?

8503. 有别的颜色吗?

9504. What's your size?

9504. 你穿多大号?

10505. It suits you to a T.

10505. 特别适合你。

11506. It's too expensive for me.

11506. 对于我来说太贵了。

12507. Can you come down a bit?

12507. 可以再便宜点吗?

13508. I'll take it.

13508. 我买了。

14509. How much is it?

14509. 这卖多少钱?

15510. How much do I owe you?

15510. 我该付多少钱?