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1511. What would you like to eat?

1511. 你想吃点什么?

2512. Are you ready to order?

2512. 你要点菜了吗?

3513. I'd like some steak and bread.

3513. 我要牛排和面包。

4514. What would you like for dessert?

4514. 你要什么甜点?

5515. I'll have some ice cream.

5515. 我要冰淇淋。

6516. Do you want some fruit?

6516. 你要水果吗?

7517. Yes, please. I want an apple.

7517. 是的,我要一个苹果。

8518. Anything to drink?

8518. 喝点什么?

9519. A small glass of whiskey, please.

9519. 请来一小杯威士忌。

10520. Here is your food.

10520. 你的菜来了。

11521. Bring me the bill please.

11521. 请买单。

12522. Can I pay by check or credit card?

12522. 我能用支票或信用卡吗?

13523. Sorry, we only take cash.

13523. 对不起,我们只收现金。

14524. Here you are.

14524. 给。

15525. Here is your change.

15525. 找您的钱。