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1526. I'm free tonight.

1526. 我今晚有空。

2527. Shall we go to the cinema?

2527. 我们去看电影好吗?

3528. Do you know what's on tonight?

3528. 你知道今天上演什么?

4529. May I ask you for a dance?

4529. 可以请你跳支舞吗?

5530. With pleasure.

5530. 很荣幸。

6531. Sorry, I'm engaged.

6531. 对不起,我有约在先了。

7532. What about another dance?

7532. 再跳一曲好吗?

8533. You're a good dancer.

8533. 你舞跳的真好。

9534. What's on Channel 8 now?

9534. 现在8频道播什么节目?

10535. I don't know. You may look in the TV Guide.

10535. 我不知道,你可以看看《电视报》。

11536. Let's see what else is on.

11536. 咱们看看有没有别的节目。

12537. Did you see the special last night?

12537. 昨晚你看特别节目了吗?

13538. I don't want to see any more of this TV show.

13538. 我不想再看这个电视节目了。

14539. Can we change the channel?

14539. 能换个频道吗?

15540. I want to see the weather.

15540. 我想看天气预报。