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1566. What's your trouble?

1566. 你有什么不舒服?

2557. How long have you had it?

2557. 你得这病多久了?

3558. I should say you've caught a cold.

3558. 我看你感冒了。

4559. You need an injection.

4559. 你需要打针。

5560. Is it serious?

5560. 我的病严重吗?

6561. Do I need to be hospitalized?

6561. 我需要住院吗?

7562. Have you seen the doctor?

7562. 你看过医生了吗?

8563. What did the doctor say?

8563. 医生怎么说?

9564. Jack is up and about now.

9564. 杰克病后复原了。

10565. The doctor says that I should take quinine.

10565. 医生说我应该服用奎宁。

11566. What sort of medicine do you take?

11566. 你吃的是什么药?

12567. The doctor says that I should not eat anything oily.

12567. 医生说我不能吃油腻的东西。

13568. I had a shot of penicillin.

13568. 我打了一针青霉素。

14569. You have to be operated on.

14569. 你得做手术。

15570. He gave me a chest X-ray and took my blood pressure.

15570. 他给我做了X光胸透并量了血压。