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1571. Hello. May I speak to Mr. Green?

1571. 你好,我找格林先生。

2572. Just a moment.

2572. 等一会儿。

3573. Hold on.

3573. 等一会儿。

4574. He's not in. May I take a message for him?

4574. 他不在,我能替他捎个口信吗?

5575. Yes, please.

5575. 是的,麻烦了。

6576. Would you answer the phone please?

6576. 你能接下电话吗?

7577. I want to make a long distance call.

7577. 我想打个长途电话。

8578. This is Mary Speaking.

8578. 我是玛丽。

9579. Would you tell Mr. Green that I called?

9579. 你能告诉格林先生我给他打了个电话吗?

10580. I must have dialed a wrong number.

10580. 我一定拨错号了。

11581. I couldn't get through.

11581. 我打不通。

12582. I have to hang up now.

12582. 我得挂电话了。

13583. Would you call back tomorrow?

13583. 你能明天回个电话吗?

14584. There's something wrong with the phone.

14584. 电话出了点儿毛病。

15585. I tried to call you, but the line was busy.

15585. 我试着给你打电话,但老占线。