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1631. What will you wear for the party?

1631. 晚会上你穿什么?

2632. I'll wear my blue dress.

2632. 我会穿我的兰色裙子。

3633. Don't you think it's too formal?

3633. 你不觉得太正式了吗?

4634. Why? What will you wear?

4634. 为什么?你会穿什么?

5635. Just my shirt and jeans.

5635. 我就穿衬衣和牛仔裤。

6636. You should have your suit cleaned and ironed.

6636. 你应该把你的套装拿去洗烫一下。

7637. You'd better put on your jacket. It's cold outside.

7637. 你最好穿上夹克,外面冷。

8638. The blouse no longer fits me.

8638. 这件衬衣不再合我身了。

9639. My son has outgrown these trousers.

9639. 我儿子已经长的穿不了这条裤子了。

10640. The shoes are worn-out.

10640. 这鞋已经不能穿了。

11641. I don't like wearing the uniform.

11641. 我不喜欢穿制服。

12642. Do you want to change before the banquet?

12642. 宴会前你想换衣服吗?

13643. Your shoe lace is loose.

13643. 你的鞋带松了。

14644. You forgot to fasten the collar buttons.

14644. 你忘了扣领扣。

15645. Take off your hat. It doesn't fit.

15645. 取下你的帽子,它不适合你。