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1661. I want to be a journalist after graduation.

1661. 毕业后我想当记者。

2662. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we'll have a picnic.

2662. 如果明天不下雨,我们就去野餐。

3663. As soon as he comes, we'll let him know.

3663. 他一来,我们就告诉他。

4664. You can stay as long as you pay the rent on time.

4664. 只要你按时交房租,你就能住这儿。

5665. When she leaves, he'll cry for a day.

5665. 她走时,他会哭一天。

6666. She will go into business when she likes to.

6666. 她想经商时就会去经商。

7667. I'll leave for London if I finish my work today.

7667. 如果我今天完成工作,我就会去伦敦。

8668. I'll work for 5 years and then go back to school.

8668. 我会工作五年,然后会学校。

9669. He will become a writer if he goes on doing well in writing.

9669. 如果他仍写的这么好的话,他将成为一个作家。

10670. I hope he will meet me at the airport.

10670. 我希望他能到机场接我。

11671. I'm thinking of quitting the job.

11671. 我在考虑辞职。

12672. I plan to learn photography.。

12672. 我打算学摄影。

13673. What do you say we have a party this weekend?

13673. 我们周末开个派对,你觉得怎么样?

14674. She will certainly remain single. 675. He will probably follow in his father's footsteps.

14674. 她肯定会保持独身。


15675. 他可能会继承父业。