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1691. What's your favorite sport?

1691. 你最喜欢什么运动?

2692. I like football best.

2692. 我最喜欢足球。

3693. Football is my favorite.

3693. 足球是我最喜欢的。

4694. Which do you prefer, fishing or mountain-climbing?

4694. 钓鱼和登山,你更喜欢哪一个?

5695. Neither.

5695. 一个都不喜欢。

6696. What do you like best, apples, pears, or bananas?

6696. 苹果,梨,香蕉,你最喜欢哪个?

7697. He's crazy about Michael Jordan.

7697. 他疯狂喜爱迈克·乔丹。

8698. She hates boxing.

8698. 她讨厌拳击。

9699. She is sick of watching boxing.

9699. 她厌恶观看拳击。

10700. She has good taste in clothes.

10700. 她对服装很有鉴赏力。

11701. What do you like to do in your spare time?

11701. 空闲时你喜欢干什么?

12702. I like collecting stamps.

12702. 我喜欢收集邮票。

13703. I prefer tea to coffee.

13703. 和咖啡相比,我更喜欢茶。

14704. What do you dislike most about this movie?

14704. 这部电影你最不喜欢什么?

15705. I would rather sleep than watch this movie.

15705. 我情愿睡觉也不看这部电影。