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1751. Where are you from?

1751. 你来自哪儿?

2752. What's your nationality?

2752. 你是什么国籍?

3753. What's your motherland?

3753. 你祖国是哪儿?

4754. Are you a native Chinese?

4754. 你是土生土长的中国人吗?

5755. What's the population of China?

5755. 中国有多少人口?

6756. How many provinces do you have?

6756. 你们有多少个区?

7757. What's the capital of your country?

7757. 贵国首都是哪儿?

8758. I come from Japan.

8758. 我来自日本。

9759. I was born in China and brought up in the U.S.A.

9759. 我出生在中国,在美国长大。

10760. My country has an area of 500,000 square kilometers.

10760. 我国面积五十万平里。

11761. The capital of my country id Beijing.

11761. 我国首都是北京。

12762. We have 50 provinces.

12762. 我们有50个省。

13763. My country is rich in natural resources.

13763. 我国自然资源丰富。

14764. That nation is famous for its tourism.

14764. 那个国家以旅游业闻名。

15765. The biggest festival in my country is the Spring Festival.

15765. 我国最大的节日是春节。