52 - Geography And Land Features

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Geography And Land Features In Chinese, In English, English to Chinese translation, of, 英文到汉语中文翻译对照阅读

1766. Geographically, China is located in the Northern Hemisphere.

1766. 从地理位置上说,中国位于北半球。

2767. In this country, the weather is usually very awful.

2767. 在这个国家,天气通常十分恶劣。

3768. It is a very beautiful country with many mountains.

3768. 这是一个多山的美丽国度。

4769. This country is famous for its beautiful lakes.

4769. 这个国家以其美丽的湖泊而闻名于世。

5770. The land in this region is rather dry and parched.

5770. 这片土地十分干燥。

6771. Along the northern coast of this continent, there are many crags.

6771. 沿该大陆的北海岸线上有许多峭壁。

7772. In Brazil, many ancient forests are very well preserves.

7772. 在巴西,古老的森林保存十分完好。

8773. Lumbering is very important in some underdeveloped countries.

8773. 在一些不发达的国家,伐木业十分重要。

9774. The scenery is very beautiful in the small islands in the Pacific Oceans.

9774. 太平洋上一些小岛的景色十分优美。

10775. What kind of climate do you have in this country?

10775. 这个国家的气候如何?

11776. In the west of America, there are many high peeks and deep canyons.

11776. 在美国西部有许多高峰和深谷。

12777. Which one is the longest river in China?

12777. 中国哪条河流最长?

13778. Do you get much rain in summer?

13778. 这里夏天雨水多吗?

14779. Is the plain along the river good for farming?

14779. 河畔的平原易于发展农业吗?

15780. It's cold and foggy in London at this time of the year.

15780. 在每年的这个时候,伦敦寒冷而多雾。