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1781. Every one must receive 9 years of compulsory education.

1781. 每人必须接受九年的义务教育。

2782. Children enter primary school at the age of 7.

2782. 孩子们7岁进小学。

3783. Some students quit school due to poverty.

3783. 一些学生因贫困而辍学。

4784. There is fierce competition in the college Entrance Examination.

4784. 高考竞争激烈。

5785. He majored in Computers.

5785. 他主修计算机。

6786. She is working for her double major in English and Economics.

6786. 她正在修英语和经济双学位。

7787. I graduated from Yale University 5 years ago.

7787. 五年前,我从耶鲁大学毕业。

8788. It is desirable to apply to good schools.

8788. 申请好学校是令人向往的。

9789. Mary is in her freshman year.

9789. 玛丽大学一年级。

10790. Lily is a Sophomore now.

10790. 莉莉现在大学二年级。

11791. Mike is already a junior.

11791. 迈克已经大学三年级了。

12792. As a senior, Peter is writing his thesis.

12792. 作为大学四年级学生,彼得正在写毕业论文。

13793. Mr. Green is a member of the faculty.

13793. 格林先生是大学教员。

14794. In Britain, there are open universities.

14794. 在英国,有成人大学。

15795. There are many training classes and night classes.

15795. 有许多培训班与夜校。