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1796. What does your father do?

1796. 你父亲做什么工作?

2797. He is a doctor. He has his own practice.

2797. 他是个医生,他自己开业。

3798. Do you have any plan for your career?

3798. 你对未来有什么计划吗?

4799. I want to be a pilot of possible.

4799. 如果可能的话,我想做个飞行员。

5800. I hope that I can get a decent job with a good salary.

5800. 我希望有一份既体面,收入又高的工作。

6801. I have an interview next week.

6801. 我下周要参加考试。

7802. Tom has opened his own business while his classmates are still slogging away at school.

7802. 当汤姆的同学还在学校苦读时,他已经开始了自己的事业。

8803. I like writing, but I wouldn't take it as my career.

8803. 我喜欢协作但不愿以此为职业。

9804. I worked as an intern in that firm last summer.

9804. 去年夏天我在那家商行实习。

10805. He's a very efficient young man though a little proud.

10805. 他是个很有能力的人,但是有点骄傲。

11806. He made a successful career in business.

11806. 他的商务生涯十分成功。

12807. My cousin has just been promoted to the rank of major.

12807. 我表兄刚被提升为上校。

13808. He is a manager of a famous corporation.

13808. 他是一家著名公司的经理。

14809. The statesman retired as the mayor of New York.

14809. 那位政治家退休时是纽约市市长。

15810. He was appointed president of the committee recently.

15810. 他最近被任命为那个革命会的总裁。