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1811. This area is noted for its rich soil.

1811. 这个地区以土壤肥沃著称。

2812. The place is too stony for farming.

2812. 这地方太多石块,不适合耕种。

3813. In the flat country, people grow wheat and raise cattle.

3813. 在这平坦的乡间,人们种指小麦,饲养牲畜。

4814. He has bought 10 tractors for the village.

4814. 他为村里买了10台拖拉机。

5815. What's the typical farm product in this region?

5815. 这个地区典型的农产品是什么?

6816. At this time of the year farmers begin to plow their fields.

6816. 每年这个时候,农民们开始犁地。

7817. Have you milked the cows?

7817. 你已经挤过奶了吗?

8818. Pile the hay in the corner.

8818. 把干草堆到边上。

9819. What's the average yearly output of cars in your factory?

9819. 你们厂平均年产汽车多少台?

10820. The meat packing industry is developing fast.

10820. 肉类加工业发展迅速。

11821. Car manufacturers are having a bad time.

11821. 汽车制造商的日子不好过。

12822. State-owned enterprises are getting out of difficulty.

12822. 国有企业开始走上坡路。

13823. How many workshops are there in your factory?

13823. 你们厂有多少车间?

14824. The computer industry is booming.

14824. 计算机业繁荣起来。

15825. The information industry helps boost the global economy.

15825. 信息业推进全球经济发展。