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1841. What's your favorite sport?

1841. 你最喜欢什么活动?

2842. I like football.

2842. 我最喜欢足球。

3843. What position do you play?

3843. 你踢什么位置?

4844. I'm a catcher.

4844. 我是个接球员(垒球运动中)。

5845. Our team beat their team yesterday.

5845. 昨天,我们队打败了他们队。

6846. We are sure to defeat them.

6846. 我们一定会打败他们。

7847. How many years have you been playing pingpong?

7847. 你打乒乓球多少年了?

8848. My favorite winter sport is skiing.

8848. 我最喜欢的动机运动是滑雪。

9849. The basketball championship is exciting.

9849. 那次篮球冠军赛真激动人心。

10850. I was on the track team 10 years ago.

10850. 十年前,我在田径队。

11851. I prefer fishing to swimming.

11851. 比起游泳,我更喜欢钓鱼。

12852. She is a member of the ski club.

12852. 她是滑雪俱乐部的成员。

13853. The hardest thing to learn is to be a good loser.

13853. 最难学的一点是做一个输的起的人。

14854. My class went camping last summer.

14854. 去年夏天我们班去露营了。

15855. He's good at lifting weights.

15855. 他善于举重。