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1856. I subscribed to a lot of periodicals last year.

1856. 去年我订了许多期刊。

2857. Tom reads newspapers in the afternoon.

2857. 汤姆下午读报。

3858. What kind of newspapers do you read?

3858. 你读什么样的报纸?

4859. Newspapers and periodicals keep me updated on current affairs.

4859. 报纸和期刊让我了解时事。

5860. What column do you like best?

5860. 你最喜欢哪个栏目?

6861. Which do you like better, the news or the editorial?

6861. 新闻和评论你最喜欢看哪个?

7862. Do you read advertisements too?

7862. 你也看广告吗?

8863. I recommend to you Time and Newsweek. They are excellent.

8863. 我向你推荐《时代》和《新闻周刊》,它们很棒。

9864. Fashion is a very popular magazine in America.

9864. 《时尚》是美国很流行的杂志。

10865. What's the circulation of this magazine?

10865. 这杂志发行量怎么样?

11866. Why don't you put an advertisement in the paper to sell that old car?

11866. 为什么不在报上登广告卖旧车呢?

12867. I once took a part-time job delivering the Evening Post.

12867. 我曾干过送晚报的兼职。

13868. Have you read the article about the rescue of the hostage?

13868. 你看了关于营救人质的文章了吗?

14869. There was much news in the morning paper today.

14869. 今天的晨报上有许多新闻。

15870. My friend Tom is a reporter for the New York Times.

15870. 我朋友汤姆是《纽约时报》的记者。