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1871. What channel are you watching now?

1871. 现在你在看哪个新闻?

2872. There's TV coverage of the NBA tournament.

2872. 有个NBA联赛的电视报道。

3873. Do you have a TV guide?

3873. 你有电视节目吗?

4874. You'll be on air in two minutes.

4874. 两分钟以后你会上电视。

5875. Channel 5 is off the air now.

5875. 五频道已经停止播放。

6876. Turn up your radio please.

6876. 请你把收音机开响一点儿。

7877. We can't get good pictures on our TV set.

7877. 我们的电视机图象有问题。

8878. Can this radio receive short-wave?

8878. 这个收音机能收短波吗?

9879. If you install an outside antenna, you will have better reception.

9879. 如果你安装了室外天线,你的电视接受效果会好点。

10880. Turn down the radio please.

10880. 请放低音量。

11881. We'll have a soap opera series on TV this week.

11881. 这周末我们会在电视上看到一系列肥皂剧。

12882. Please tune in next time.

12882. 请下次收听。

13883. We're broadcasting from London.

13883. 我们从伦敦播放。

14884. You can receive our program at short wave 37.5 MH.

14884. 你可在短波37.5赫兹上收到我们的节目。

15885. There's too much static.

15885. 干扰太大。