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1886. What's your favorite music?

1886. 你最喜欢什么音乐?

2887. Do you often go to a concert?

2887. 你经常去听音乐会吗?

3888. I hate Jazz. It's too noisy.

3888. 我讨厌爵士,太吵了。

4889. Do you like pop music?

4889. 你喜欢流行音乐吗?

5890. I have never heard the piece before, who wrote it?

5890. 我从没听过这首曲子,谁写的?

6891. What do you think of their skill?

6891. 你觉得他们演奏技术如何?

7892. I find classical concerts more to my liking than rock concerts.

7892. 我觉得古典音乐会比摇滚音乐会更合我胃口。

8893. I've never read a more stirring story.

8893. 我从来没读过比这更令人激动的故事。

9894. He has a passion for literature.

9894. 他很热衷于文学。

10895. I am most attracted by Dickens.

10895. 狄更斯的作品更吸引我。

11896. I never grow tired of novels though I read them everyday.

11896. 我每天看小说,但从没厌烦过。

12897. On Sundays I often spend some time reading in the library.

12897. 星期天我经常在图书馆里看些书。

13898. What do think about this poem?

13898. 你觉得这首诗怎么样?

14899. I like Shakespeare better than Milton.

14899. 与弥尔顿比起来,我更喜欢莎士比亚。

15900. How much do you know about the works of George Eliot?

15900. 乔治·艾略特的作品你知道多少?