Daily Oral Language - Friends

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日常口语 - 朋友

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11. You can count on me.

11. 我办事,你放心.

22. Leave it up to me!

22. 这事就交给我吧!

33. Just listen to me, and you'll be fine.

33. 听我的准没错.

44. I'll back you up.

44. 我支持你!

55. Please feel assured that we will keep our promise.

55. 请放心我们一定遵守诺言.

66. Don't worry, I will do my best to help you.

66. 别担心,我会全力以赴帮你的.

77. I will never leave you alone.

77. 我绝不会丢下你一个人不管的.

88. I am the only one that can help you out.

88. 我是唯一能帮你走出困境的人.

99. You can come to me whenever you are in need of help.

99. 任何时候需要帮助都可以来找我.

1010. I will always be there for you.

1010. 我会一直在你身边.