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[[:Category:Jokes|Jokes 笑话]]
[[:Category:Jokes|Jokes 笑话]]
[[:Category:Ulysses|Ulysses 尤利西斯]]

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Welcome to China Orb English Chinese Bilingual Wiki. All articles are translated between English and Chinese unless indicating not.


There are 3 reasons that this English Chinese Translation Wiki has been created:

1. Supply a path to understand works written in a language which you are not familiar with.
2. Provide a rich reference for people who translate between English and Chinese.
3. Offer an excellent way to improve language ability by reading bilingual articles.

A excellent feature of this web site is that English and Chinese are aligned side by side and verse by verse. It's so convenient and helpful for readers.

Currently we have following articles, but more and more translations will be coming. Wish you a happy reading and a great day.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 汤姆·索亚历险记
29 English Proverbs - 29句英文谚语
Jokes 笑话
Ulysses 尤利西斯