15 - Talking About Daily Activities

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1211. When do you get up everyday?

1211. 每天你几点起床?

2212. I usually get up at 8 o'clock.

2212. 我通常8点起床。

3213. Where do you have your lunch?

3213. 你在哪儿吃午饭?

4214. I have my lunch in a snack bar nearby.

4214. 我在附近一家快餐店吃午饭。

5215. What did you have for lunch?

5215. 你中午吃些什么?

6216. I had a hamburger and a fried chicken leg?

6216. 我吃一个汉堡包,一个炸鸡腿。

7217. What time do you start work?

7217. 你什么时候开始工作?

8218. I start work at 8 o'clock.

8218. 我八点开始工作。

9219. What do you do at work?

9219. 你上班干些什么?

10220. I answer telephones and do some typing.

10220. 我接电话和打字。

11221. What time do you finish your work?

11221. 你什么时候下班?

12222. At 6 o'clock sharp.

12222. 6点。

13223. What do you do in your spare time?

13223. 闲暇时,你干些什么?

14224. I like listening to pop music.

14224. 我喜欢听流行音乐。

15225. I like playing football.

15225. 我喜欢踢足球。