19 - Asking About The Address

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1271. Hi, Jack, where do you live now?

1271. 你好,杰克,你现在住哪儿?

2272. I live at 203 Curzon Street.

2272. 我住在可胜街203号。

3273. Curzon Street? Isn't Mary living there?

3273. 可胜街?玛丽不是也住那儿吗?

4274. Yes, she lives just across the street.

4274. 是的,她就住在街对面。

5275. How long have you stayed there?

5275. 你在那儿住多久了?

6276. Just a few months.

6276. 才几个月。

7277. How about Mary? How long has she lived there?

7277. 玛丽怎么样?她在那儿住多久了?

8278. She's been living there since her birth.

8278. 她生下来就住那儿。

9279. Will you stay there for long?

9279. 你会在那儿待很长时间吗?

10280. No, I'll move to Hollywood next month.

10280. 不,我下个月搬到好莱坞去。

11281. Oh, really? I'm moving there too.

11281. 真的?我也会搬到那儿去。

12282. Great. Then we can drink beer together.

12282. 棒极了,我们可以一起喝啤酒了。

13283. Yes, and you may stay there longer.

13283. 对,而且你也许会在那儿住久一些。

14284. I hope so.

14284. 希望如此。

15285. I'm sure we'll have a good time.

15285. 我相信我们会很开心的。