21 - Measuring And Comparing

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1301. What's the height of the building?

1301. 这座楼有多高?

2302. How much does the elephant weight?

2302. 这个大象有多重?

3303. What's the color of your new dress?

3303. 你的新衣服是什么颜色的?

4304. What's the size of your shoes?

4304. 你的鞋多大尺寸?

5305. My brother is twice as tall as your sister.

5305. 我弟弟比你妹妹高一倍。

6306. My grandma is 40 years older than me.

6306. 我祖母比我大40岁。

7307. This river is one third as long as that river.

7307. 这条河只有那条河的三分之一长。

8308. What's the shape of your balloon?

8308. 你的气球是什么形状?

9309. How wide is this bridge?

9309. 这座桥有多宽?

10310. How thick is the ice here?

10310. 这儿的冰有多厚?

11311. This metal is harder than that one.

11311. 这种金属比那种硬。

12312. He can run as fast as Jim.

12312. 他跑的和吉姆一样快。

13313. Kate is smarter than I.

13313. 凯特比我聪明。

14314. How long do you watch TV every day?

14314. 你每天看多长时间电视?

15315. How often do you go swimming?

15315. 你多久去游一次泳?