25 - Talking About Neighbors And Friends

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1361. Do you know Mary?

1361. 你认识玛丽吗?

2362. Sure. We are friends since primary school.

2362. 当然,我们从小学就是朋友了。

3363. Really? I was introduced to her just last weekend.

3363. 真的?上周末我才被介绍给她。

4364. What is she doing now?

4364. 她现在干些什么呢?

5365. She told me she wanted to start a company.

5365. 她告诉我她想开公司。

6366. Start a company? But I thought she would be a scholar.

6366. 开公司?我原以为她会成为一个学者

7367. People are always changing, aren't they?

7367. 人总是在变,不是吗?

8368. Yes, you're right. After all, she is smart enough to go into business.

8368. 是啊,你说的对。毕竟,她完全有经商才智。

9369. But she doesn't have much experience.

9369. 但她没有太多经验。

10370. You two don't have much contact?

10370. 你们俩没怎么联系吗?

11371. No, I only wrote her one letter this year.

11371. 是的,今年我才给她写过一封信。

12372. And she?

12372. 她呢?

13373. She sent me a Christmas card last year.

13373. 去年寄过一张圣诞卡。

14374. Oh, that's not good.

14374. 哦,那可不好。

15375. Yes, we should try to contact more.

15375. 是的,我们应该联系多点。