29 - Talking About Habits

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1421. I get up at 8 every morning.

1421. 每天早上我8点起床。

2422. I then take a bath in the bathroom.

2422. 然后我去洗澡间洗个澡。

3423. I shave, brush my teeth, and comb my hair.

3423. 我洗脸,刷牙,梳头。

4424. I put on a bit of makeup.

4424. 我化一点妆。

5425. I cooked breakfast for the family.

5425. 我为一家人做早餐。

6426. I go downstairs and have my breakfast.

6426. 我下楼吃早饭。

7427. I read the newspaper over breakfast.

7427. 我边吃早饭边看报纸。

8428. I wake my sister up.

8428. 我叫醒我妹妹。

9429. I dress my sister and wash her hands and face.

9429. 我给我妹妹穿衣服,洗脸洗手。

10430. I get to my office at 10:30.

10430. 十点半到办公室。

11431. I leave the office at 7.

11431. 我七点离开办公室。

12432. He always forgets to wash behind his ears.

12432. 他总是忘记洗耳朵的后面。

13433. I buy some food on my way home.

13433. 我回家路上买些吃的。

14434. I pick up my sister from her school.

14434. 我到学校接妹妹。

15435. We go to bed at 10:30.

15435. 我们十点半睡觉。