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关于爱 14

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English to Chinese translation 英文到汉语中文翻译对照阅读 of About Love 14

1I know that love shall not be compared, but I still used to complaining what he is lack of.


2Every girl was once an angel without tears. When she meets the beloved boy, she gets the tears. And after she cries, she falls into the earth. Therefore, every boy shall be nice to his girl, because she once gave up the whole heaven for the boy. 


3You don't need someone to love in secret. We just stand by the river and feel sad when seeing the shadow in the water and thought that we are falling love with someone. 


4It's not us to choose the opportunity, but it's opportunity that decides us. When the opportunity comes, all we can do is to take this challenge. Don't say that opportunities never come. It came but you just don't willing to give up the things you own.  


5Men love from overlooking while women love from looking up. If love is a mountain, then if men go up, more women they will see while women will see fewer men.