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关于爱 4

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English to Chinese translation 英文到汉语中文翻译对照阅读 of About Love

1The more you wanna know whether you have forgotten something, the better you remember; I once heard that, the only thing you can do when you no longer have something is not to forget.


2To love someone in secret is like a seed in bottle waiting for growing up, though not sure whether the future will be more beautiful, still waiting it earnestly and eagerly.


3The reason why girls consider flowers as the most valuable gift among other gifts is that men have to overcome the shyness of holding the flowers in streets before sending them to girls.


4I am alive only when I am with you. When I am alone, the most dazzling sun seems to have lost the brilliance.


5I never let you not to know my existence, but I just never thought that love will fall upon on my head. Sometimes, I just wonder, we are from different waters, although I admire your world, I will be drowned if I get close to you.