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关于爱 7

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English to Chinese translation 英文到汉语中文翻译对照阅读 of About Love 7

1Love is not about running into each other in crowds. Love is an impossible meeting. For example, I am a bird flying in sky, you are a leopard in forest. We just fall in love accidentally.  


2The one you love also loves you. This is a miracle. And the god names this as falling in love with each other.  


3The life is not always full of multiple choices or the yes-or-no questions,but application questions which need us to prove little by little. During the process, we need to make choice to get or lose. It matters not even if we get wrong answers.  


4When you feel hurt and your tears are gonna to drop. Please look up and have a look at the sky once belongs to us. If the sky is still vast, clouds are still clear, you shall not cry because my leave doesn't take away the world that belongs to you.  


5The heart of woman is a glass holding water. It is full but seems to have nothing inside.