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English to Chinese translation 英文到汉语中文翻译对照阅读 of Girl's Name,笑话,Jokes

1When our daughter was born, we named her Myles, after my beloved late father, despite family warning that the name was too masculine.


2Years later, when i felt she was old enough to understand, I explained to Myles, "Your name is very special. I named you after my own father because I loved him very much. I know he would be proud of you."

2几年以后,我觉得迈尔斯已经长大,能够懂事了。我对她解释说:“你的名字很特别。我给你取了一个和我爸爸一样 的名字,因为我非常爱他。我相信他会为你而深感自豪的。”

3Myles thought carefully about this and then said, "I know all that, Mom. But I don't understand why my grandfather had a girl's name.