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1One sweltering day, I was scooping ice cream into cones and told my four children they could "buy" a cone from me for a hug. Almost immediately, the kids lined up to make their purchases.


2The three youngest each gave me a quick hug, grabbed their cones and raced back outside. But when my teen-age son at the end of the line finally got his turn to "buy" his ice cream, he gave me two hugs. "Keep the changes," he said with a smile.

2 较小的三个孩子每人很快的抱了我一下,抓过冰淇淋筒就跑到外面去了。最后轮到排在队尾十年的大儿子来"买"冰淇淋时,他拥抱了我二下。"不用找了,"他笑着说。