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1Three men, a doctor, an accountant and a lawyer are dead and they appear in front of St Peter. St Peter tells them that they have to answer one question in order to get to Heaven. He looks at the doctor and asks, "There was a movie that was made about a ship that sank after hitting an iceberg, what was its name?" The doctor answers, "The Titanic" and he is sent through. He then looks at the accountant and say, "How many people died in that ship?" Fortunately the accountant had just watched the movie and he answers, "1 500!". St Peter sends him through and then finally turns to the lawyer and commands, in a very heavy voice, "Name them!".

1有三个人死了,分别是一名医生、一名会计和一名律师。他们来到了圣彼德面前。圣彼德对他们说,如果他们想进入天堂,就得每人回答一个问题。圣彼德看着医生开始发问,“以前电影院放过一部电影,说的是一艘船撞击冰山后沉没,电影的名字是什么?” 医生回答,“<<泰坦尼克号>>”,医生随即被允许进入天堂。然后圣彼德看着会计说,“船上有多少人遇难?”。会计很走运,因为他刚看过这部电影,回答道,“1500人遇难。”圣彼德把会计也放进天堂了。最后,圣彼德转过身,看着律师,非常严肃地用命令的口吻问道,“把1500人的名字都说出来?”