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尤利西斯 第15章

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English to Chinese translation 英文到汉语中文翻译对照阅读 of Ulysses - Chapter 15 Circe

740(The virgins Nurse Callan and Nurse Quigley burst through the ringkeepers and the ropes and mob him with open arms.)


741THE VIRGINS: (Gushingly) Big Ben! Ben my Chree!


742A VOICE: Hold that fellow with the bad breeches.


743BEN DOLLARD: (Smites his thigh in abundant laughter) Hold him now.


744HENRY: (Caressing on his breast a severed female head, murmurs) Thine heart, mine love. (He plucks his lutestrings) When first I saw...


745VIRAG: (Sloughing his skins, his multitudinous plumage moulting) Rats! (He yawns, showing a coalblack throat, and closes his jaws by an upward push of his parchmentroll) After having said which I took my departure. Farewell. Fare thee well. Dreck!


746(Henry Flower combs his moustache and beard rapidly with a pocketcomb and gives a cow's lick to his hair. Steered by his rapier, he glides to the door, his wild harp slung behind him. Virag reaches the door in two ungainly stilthops, his tail cocked, and deftly claps sideways on the wall a pusyellow flybill, butting it with his head.)

746(亨利·弗罗尔用随身携带的梳子迅速地梳理口髭和胡于,并蘸着唾沫抹平头发。他用长剑掌舵,疾步向门口走去,背后挎着荒腔走调的竖琴。 维拉格翘起尾巴,像踩高跷般笨拙地跳了两下,来到门边。他熟练地在墙上斜贴了一张黄脓液色的传单,用头顶着按紧。)

747THE FLYBILL: K. II. Post No Bills. Strictly confidential. Dr Hy Franks.

747传单:吉·11。禁止招贴。严加保密。亨利·弗兰克斯大夫: 。

748HENRY: All is lost now.


749(Virag unscrews his head in a trice and holds it under his arm.)


750VIRAG'S HEAD: Quack!


751(Exeunt severally.)


752STEPHEN: (Over his shoulder to zoe) You would have preferred the fighting parson who founded the protestant error. But beware Antisthenes, the dog sage, and the last end of Arius Heresiarchus. The agony in the closet.

752斯蒂芬:(侧过头来对佐伊说)你大概会更喜欢创立了新教异端邪说的那个好斗的牧师 吧。但是要当心犬儒学派的安提西尼和异教祖师爷阿里乌的最后下场。在厕所里所受的死的痛苦。

753LYNCH: All one and the same God to her.


754STEPHEN: (Devoutly) And sovereign Lord of all things.


755FLORRY: (To Stephen) I'm sure you're a spoiled priest. Or a monk.


756LYNCH: He is. A cardinal's son.


757STEPHEN: Cardinal sin. Monks of the screw.


758(His Eminence Simon Stephen Cardinal Dedalus, Primate of all Ireland, appears in the doorway, dressed in red soutane, sandals and socks. Seven dwarf simian acolytes, also in red, cardinal sins, uphold his train, peeping under it. He wears a battered silk hat sideways on his head. His thumbs are stuck in his armpits and his palms outspread. Round his neck hangs a rosary of corks ending on his breast in a corkscrew cross. Releasing his thumbs, he invokes grace from on high with large wave gestures and proclaims with bloated pomp:)




760Conservio lies captured


761He lies in the lowest dungeon


762With manacles and chains around his limbs


763Weighing upwards of three tons.


764(He looks at all for a moment, his right eye closed tight, his left cheek puffed out. Then, unable to repress his merriment, he rocks to and fro, arms akimbo, and sings with broad rollicking humour:)


765O, the poor little fellow


766Hihihihihis legs they were yellow


767He was plump, fat and heavy and brisk as a snake


768But some bloody savage


769To graize his white cabbage


770He murdered Nell Flaherty's duckloving drake.


771(A multitude of midges swarms white over his robe. He scratches himself with crossed arms at his ribs, grimacing, and exclaims:)


772I'm suffering the agony of the damned. By the hoky fiddle, thanks be to Jesus those funny little chaps are not unanimous. If they were they'd walk me off the face of the bloody globe.


773(His head aslant he blesses curtly with fore and middle fingers, imparts the Easter kiss and doubleshuffles off comically, swaying his hat from side to side, shrinking quickly to the size of his trainbearers. The dwarf acolytes, giggling, peeping, nudging, ogling, Easterkissing, zigzag behind him. His voice is heard mellow from afar, merciful male, melodious:)


774Shall carry my heart to thee,


775Shall carry my heart to thee,


776And the breath of the balmy night


777Shall carry my heart to thee!


778(The trick doorhandle turns.)




780ZOE: The devil is in that door.


781(A male form passes down the creaking staircase and is heard taking the waterproof and hat from the rack. Bloom starts forward involuntarily and, half closing the door as he passes, takes the chocolate from his pocket and offers it nervously to Zoe.)


782ZOE: (Sniffs his hair briskly) Hmmm! Thank your mother for the rabbits. I'm very fond of what I like.


783BLOOM: (Hearing a male voice in talk with the whores on the doorstep, pricks his ears) If it were he? After? Or because not? Or the double event?


784ZOE: (Tears open the silverfoil) Fingers was made before forks. (She breaks off and nibbles a piece gives a piece to Kitty Ricketts and then turns kittenishly to Lynch) No objection to French lozenges? (He nods. She taunts him.) Have it now or wait till you get it? (He opens his mouth, his head cocked. She whirls the prize in left circle. His head follows. She whirls it back in right circle. He eyes her.) Catch!


785(She tosses a piece. With an adroit snap he catches it and bites it through with a crack.)


786KITTY: (Chewing) The engineer I was with at the bazaar does have lovely ones. Full of the best liqueurs. And the viceroy was there with his lady. The gas we had on the Toft's hobbyhorses. I'm giddy still.

786吉蒂:(咀嚼着)在义卖会 上跟我在一道的那位工程师有好吃的巧克力。里面满是高级甜露酒。总督也带着夫人去啦 。我们骑上托夫特的旋转木马,好开心哪。至今我还发晕呢。

787BLOOM: (In Svengali's fur overcoat, with folded arms and Napoleonic forelock, frowns in ventriloquial exorcism with piercing eagle glance towards the door. Then rigid with left foot advanced he makes a swift pass with impelling fingers and gives the sign of past master, drawing his right arm downwards from his left shoulder.) Go, go, go, I conjure you, whoever you are!

787布卢姆:(身穿斯文加利 式的皮大衣,交抱双肘,前额上垂着拿破仑式鬈发。他双眉紧皱,念着腹语术的驱邪咒文,用老鹰般锐利的目光凝视着门。然后僵直地迈出左脚,右臂顺着左肩滑下来,用咄咄逼人的指头在空中迅速地一划,做了老练的师傅 的暗号。)不管你是谁,我借着法术命令你:走,走,走!

788(A male cough and tread are heard passing through the mist outside. Bloom's features relax. He places a hand in his waistcoat, posing calmly. Zoe offers him chocolate.)


789BLOOM: (Solemnly) Thanks.


790ZOE: Do as you're bid. Here!


791(A firm heelclacking tread is heard on the stairs.)


792BLOOM: (Takes the chocolate) Aphrodisiac? Tansy and pennyroyal. But I bought it. Vanilla calms or? Mnemo. Confused light confuses memory. Red influences lupus. Colours affect women's characters, any they have. This black makes me sad. Eat and be merry for tomorrow. (He eats) Influence taste too, mauve. But it is so long since I. Seems new. Aphro. That priest. Must come. Better late than never. Try truffles at Andrews.

792布卢姆:(接巧克力)是春药吗?艾菊与薄荷。可这是我买的呀。香子兰是镇静剂呢,还是?能够增进记忆。光线混乱,连记忆都混乱了。红色对狼疮有效。 颜色能够左右女人的性格,倘若她们有性格的话。这黑色使我难过。为了明天,吃喝玩乐吧。(他吃起来。)淡紫色也对口味产生影响。可已经过了那么久啦,自从我。所以觉得那么新鲜。春。那个教士。准会来的。晚来总比不来强。我在安德鲁斯试试块菌吧。

793(The door opens. Bella Cohen, a massive whoremistress, enters. She is dressed in a threequarter ivory gown, fringed round the hem with tasselled selvedge, and cools herself flirting a black horn fan like Minnie Hauck in Carmen. On her left hand are wedding and keeper rings. Her eyes are deeply carboned. She has a sprouting moustache. Her olive face is heavy, slightly sweated and fullnosed with orangetainted nostrils. She has large pendant beryl eardrops.)


794BELLA: My word! I'm all of a mucksweat.


795(She glances round her at the couples. Then her eyes rest on Bloom with hard insistence. Her large fan winnows wind towards her heated faceneck and embonpoint. Her falcon eyes glitter.)


796THE FAN: (Flirting quickly, then slowly) Married, I see.


797BLOOM: Yes. Partly, I have mislaid...


798THE FAN: (Half opening, then closing) And the missus is master. Petticoat government.


799BLOOM: (Looks down with a sheepish grin) That is so.


800THE FAN: (Folding together, rests against her left eardrop) Have you forgotten me?


801BLOOM: Yes. Yo.


802THE FAN: (Folded akimbo against her waist) Is me her was you dreamed before? Was then she him you us since knew? Am all them and the same now we?


803(Bella approaches, gently tapping with the fan.)


804BLOOM: (Wincing) Powerful being. In my eyes read that slumber which women love.


805THE FAN: (Tapping) We have met. You are mine. It is fate.


806BLOOM: (Cowed) Exuberant female. Enormously I desiderate your domination. I am exhausted, abandoned, no more young. I stand, so to speak, with an unposted letter bearing the extra regulation fee before the too late box of the general postoffice of human life. The door and window open at a right angle cause a draught of thirtytwo feet per second according to the law of falling bodies. I have felt this instant a twinge of sciatica in my left glutear muscle. It runs in our family. Poor dear papa, a widower, was a regular barometer from it. He believed in animal heat. A skin of tabby lined his winter waistcoat. Near the end, remembering king David and the Sunamite, he shared his bed with Athos, faithful after death. A dog's spittle as you probably... (He winces) Ah!

806布卢姆:(被吓退)精力充沛的女人。我非常渴望受你的统治。我已精疲力竭,心灰意懒,不再年轻了。我像是手持一封尚未投递的信函,上面按规章贴着特别的邮资, 站在人生这所邮政总局所设的迟投函件邮筒前。按照物体坠落的规律,门窗开成直角形便导致每秒钟三十二英尺的穿堂风。这会儿我感到左臀肌的坐骨神经痛。这是我们这个家族的遗传。可怜亲爱的爸爸,一个鳏夫,每逢犯病就能预知天气的变化。他相信动物能保暖。冬天他穿的背心是用斑猫皮做里子的。快死的时候,他想起大卫王和舒念的故事,就跟阿索斯睡在一起。他去世后,这条狗也一直忠于他。狗的唾沫,你大概 ……(他退缩)啊!

807RICHIE GOULDING: (Bagweighted, passes the door) Mocking is catch. Best value in Dub. Fit for a prince's. Liver and kidney.

807里奇·古尔丁:(挟着沉重的文件包,从门口经过)弄假成真。在都柏林说得上是最实惠的。足可以招待一位王爷。 肝和腰子。

808THE FAN: (Tapping) All things end. Be mine. Now.


809BLOOM: (Undecided) All now? I should not have parted with my talisman. Rain, exposure at dewfall on the searocks, a peccadillo at my time of life. Every phenomenon has a natural cause.


810THE FAN: (Points downwards slowly) You may.


811BLOOM: (Looks downwards and perceives her unfastened bootlace) We are observed.


812THE FAN: (Points downwards quickly) You must.


813BLOOM: (With desire, with reluctance) I can make a true black knot. Learned when I served my time and worked the mail order line for Kellett's. Experienced hand. Every knot says a lot. Let me. In courtesy. I knelt once before today. Ah!

813布卢姆:(既有意,又忸怩)我会打地道的黑花结。是在凯利特的店 里当伙计,管发送邮购货物的时候学的。熟练着呢。每个结子都各有各的名堂。我来吧。算是尽一片心意。今天我已经跪过一回啦。啊!

814(Bella raises her gown slightly and, steadying her pose, lifts to the edge of a chair a plump buskined hoof and a full pastern, silksocked. Bloom, stifflegged, aging, bends over her hoof and with gentle fingers draws out and in her laces.)


815BLOOM: (Murmurs lovingly) To be a shoefitter in Manfield's was my love's young dream, the darling joys of sweet buttonhooking, to lace up crisscrossed to kneelength the dressy kid footwear satinlined, so incredibly impossibly small, of Clyde Road ladies. Even their wax model Raymonde I visited daily to admire her cobweb hose and stick of rhubarb toe, as worn in Paris.

815布卢姆:(温柔地咕哝着)我年轻时候做的一个心爱的梦,就是在曼菲尔德当上一名替人试鞋的伙计。克莱德街 的太太们那缎子衬里的考究的小山羊皮靴简直小得出奇,令人难以置信。我为那靴子扣上钮扣,把带子十字交叉地一直系到齐膝盖,那就别提有多么快活啦。我甚至曾每天去参观雷蒙德的蜡人,欣赏妇人脚上穿的那种巴黎式蛛网状长筒袜和大黄茎般光滑的脚趾尖。

816THE HOOF: Smell my hot goathide. Feel my royal weight.


817BLOOM: (Crosslacing) Too tight?


818THE HOOF: If you bungle, Handy Andy, I'll kick your football for you.

818蹄子:你要是弄不好,可就汉迪·安迪 ,我朝你的要害处踢上一脚。

819BLOOM: Not to lace the wrong eyelet as I did the night of the bazaar dance. Bad luck. Hook in wrong tache of her... person you mentioned. That night she met... Now!


820(He knots the lace. Bella places her foot on the floor. Bloom raises his head. Her heavy face, her eyes strike him in midbrow. His eyes grow dull, darker and pouched, his nose thickens.)


821BLOOM: (Mumbles) Awaiting your further orders we remain, gentlemen,...


822BELLO: (With a hard basilisk stare, in a baritone voice) Hound of dishonour!

822贝洛:(像怪物小王那样恶狠狠地瞪着他,然后用男中音 说)不要脸的狗!

823BLOOM: (Infatuated) Empress!


824BELLO: (His heavy cheekchops sagging) Adorer of the adulterous rump!


825BLOOM: (Plaintively) Hugeness!


826BELLO: Dungdevourer!


827BLOOM: (With sinews semiflexed) Magmagnificence!


828BELLO: Down! (He taps her on the shoulder with his fan) Incline feet forward! Slide left foot one pace back! You will fall. You are falling. On the hands down!


829BLOOM: (Her eyes upturned in the sign of admiration, closing, yaps) Truffles!


830(With a piercing epileptic cry she sinks on all fours, grunting, snuffling, rooting at his feet: then lies, shamming dead, with eyes shut tight, trembling eyelids, bowed upon the ground in the attitude of most excellent master.)


831BELLO: (With bobbed hair, purple gills, fit moustache rings round his shaven mouth, in mountaineer's puttees, green silverbuttoned coat, sport skirt and alpine hat with moorcock's feather, his hands stuck deep in his breeches pockets, places his heel on her neck and grinds it in) Footstool! Feel my entire weight. Bow, bondslave, before the throne of your despot's glorious heels so glistening in their proud erectness.


832BLOOM: (Enthralled, bleats) I promise never to disobey.


833BELLO: (Laughs loudly) Holy smoke! You little know what's in store for you. I'm the Tartar to settle your little lot and break you in! I'll bet Kentucky cocktails all round I shame it out of you, old son. Cheek me, I dare you. If you do tremble in anticipation of heel discipline to be inflicted in gym costume.


834(Bloom creeps under the sofa and peers out through the fringe.)


835ZOE: (Widening her slip to screen her) She's not here.


836BLOOM: (Closing her eyes) She's not here.


837FLORRY: (Hiding her with her gown) She didn't mean it, Mr Bello. She'll be good, sir.


838KITTY: Don't be too hard on her, Mr Bello. Sure you won't, ma'amsir.


839BELLO: (Coaxingly) Come, ducky dear, I want a word with you, darling, just to administer correction. Just a little heart to heart talk, sweety. (Bloom puts out her timid head) There's a good girly now. (Bello grabs her hair violently and drags her forward) I only want to correct you for your own good on a soft safe spot. How's that tender behind? O, ever so gently, pet. Begin to get ready.


840BLOOM: (Fainting) Don't tear my...


841BELLO: (Savagely) The nosering, the pliers, the bastinado, the hanging hook, the knout I'll make you kiss while the flutes play like the Nubian slave of old. You're in for it this time! I'll make you remember me for the balance of your natural life. (His forehead veins swollen, his face congested) I shall sit on your ottoman saddleback every morning after my thumping good breakfast of Matterson's fat hamrashers and a bottle of Guinness's porter. (He belches) And suck my thumping good Stock Exchange cigar while I read the Licensed Victualler's Gazette. Very possibly I shall have you slaughtered and skewered in my stables and enjoy a slice of you with crisp crackling from the baking tin basted and baked like sucking pig with rice and lemon or currant sauce. It will hurt you. (He twists her arm. Bloom squeals, turning turtle.)

841贝洛:(狂暴地)笛子吹奏起来的当儿,我要让你像努比亚奴隶 似的,把套鼻圈、用老虎钳来夹、打脚掌、吊钩、鞭打的滋味,全都尝个够。这回可叫你赶上啦。我得让你至死也忘不了我。(他额上暴起青筋,脸上充血。)每天早晨我先进一顿包括马特森 的煎肥火腿片和一瓶吉尼斯黑啤酒的讲究的早餐,接着就跨在你的背上,只当那是铺了绒垫的鞍子。(他打个嗝。)然后,我一边读《特许饮食业报》,一边吸着证券交易所的高级雪茄烟。我很可能会叫人在我的马房里把你宰掉,把你的肉用扦子串起来,涂上油,放在马口铁罐里,烤得像乳猪似的又松又脆;配上米饭、柠檬或蘸着醋栗酱,津津有味地吃它一片。够你受的吧。(贝洛拧布卢姆的胳膊,把她摔个仰八脚儿。布卢姆尖声呼叫。)

842BLOOM: Don't be cruel, nurse! Don't!


843BELLO: (Twisting) Another!


844BLOOM: (Screams) O, it's hell itself! Every nerve in my body aches like mad!


845BELLO: (Shouts) Good, by the rumping jumping general! That's the best bit of news I heard these six weeks. Here, don't keep me waiting, damn you! (He slaps her face)


846BLOOM: (Whimpers) You're after hitting me. I'll tell...


847BELLO: Hold him down, girls, till I squat on him.


848ZOE: Yes. Walk on him! I will.


849FLORRY: I will. Don't be greedy.


850KITTY: No, me. Lend him to me.


851(The brothel cook, mrs keogh, wrinkled, greybearded, in a greasy bib, men's grey and green socks and brogues, floursmeared, a rollingpin stuck with raw pastry in her bare red arm and hand, appears at the door.)


852MRS KEOGH: (Ferociously) Can I help? (They hold and pinion Bloom.)


853BELLO: (Squats with a grunt on Bloom's upturned face, puffing cigarsmoke, nursing a fat leg) I see Keating Clay is elected vicechairman of the Richmond asylum and by the by Guinness's preference shares are at sixteen three quaffers. Curse me for a fool that didn't buy that lot Craig and Gardner told me about. Just my infernal luck, curse it. And that Goddamned outsider Throwaway at twenty to one. (He quenches his cigar angrily on Bloom's ear) Where's that Goddamned cursed ashtray?

853贝洛:(咕哝一声,一屁股坐在布卢姆那仰着的脸上,一口口猛喷着雪茄烟,揉着胖胖的小腿。)我晓得基廷·克莱被选作里奇蒙精神病院副院长啦。顺便说一句,吉尼斯的特惠股份是十六镑四分之三。我真是个笨蛋,竟没把克雷格和加德纳 同我谈起的那一股买下来。真是倒楣透顶,他们的。可是那匹该死的没有希望赢的“丢掉”,居然以二十博一获胜了。(他气冲冲地在布卢姆的耳朵上掐灭雪茄烟。)那只该死的混帐烟灰缸哪儿去啦?

854BLOOM: (Goaded, buttocksmothered) O! O! Monsters! Cruel one!


855BELLO: Ask for that every ten minutes. Beg. Pray for it as you never prayed before. (He thrusts out a figged fist and foul cigar) Here, kiss that. Both. Kiss. (He throws a leg astride and, pressing with horseman's knees, calls in a hard voice) Gee up! A cockhorse to Banbury cross. I'll ride him for the Eclipse stakes. (He bends sideways and squeezes his mount's testicles roughly, shouting) Ho! Off we pop! I'll nurse you in proper fashion. (He horserides cockhorse, leaping in the saddle) The lady goes a pace a pace and the coachman goes a trot a trot and the gentleman goes a gallop a gallop a gallop a gallop.


856FLORRY: (Pulls at Bello) Let me on him now. You had enough. I asked before you.


857ZOE: (Pulling at florry) Me. Me. Are you not finished with him yet, suckeress?


858BLOOM: (Stifling) Can't.


859BELLO: Well, I'm not. Wait. (He holds in his breath) Curse it. Here. This bung's about burst. (He uncorks himself behind: then, contorting his features, farts loudly) Take that! (He recorks himself) Yes, by Jingo, sixteen three quarters.


860BLOOM: (A sweat breaking out over him) Not man. (He sniffs) Woman.


861BELLO: (Stands up) No more blow hot and cold. What you longed for has come to pass. Henceforth you are unmanned and mine in earnest, a thing under the yoke. Now for your punishment frock. You will shed your male garments, you understand, Ruby Cohen? and don the shot silk luxuriously rustling over head and shoulders. And quickly too!

861贝洛:(站起来)别这么三心二意的。你所梦寐以求的,终于实现啦。从此,你不再是男人,却真正属于我了,并被套上了轭。 这会儿穿上你的惩戒服吧。你得脱掉你那男人衣服,明白吗,鲁碧·科恩?你要穿上这身闪光绸,头上和肩上都窸窣作响,雍容华贵。而且马上就换!

862BLOOM: (Shrinks) Silk, mistress said! O crinkly! scrapy! Must I tiptouch it with my nails?


863BELLO: (Points to his whores) As they are now so will you be, wigged, singed, perfumesprayed, ricepowdered, with smoothshaven armpits. Tape measurements will be taken next your skin. You will be laced with cruel force into vicelike corsets of soft dove coutille with whalebone busk to the diamondtrimmed pelvis, the absolute outside edge, while your figure, plumper than when at large, will be restrained in nettight frocks, pretty two ounce petticoats and fringes and things stamped, of course, with my houseflag, creations of lovely lingerie for Alice and nice scent for Alice. Alice will feel the pullpull. Martha and Mary will be a little chilly at first in such delicate thighcasing but the frilly flimsiness of lace round your bare knees will remind you...

863贝洛:(指着他那帮妓女)看到她们现在的样子了吧,你也将跟她们一样。 戴上假发,用火剪卷边,洒香水,擦香粉,腋窝剃得光光溜溜的。用卷尺贴身替你量尺寸。你将被狠狠地塞进胸部有着鲸骨架、活像老虎钳子的淡红灰色斜纹帆布紧身衣里,带子一直勒到尽头——装饰着钻石的骨盆那儿。你的身材比放任自流的时候要来得丰满,将把它束缚在网眼的紧身衣里,另外还有那二英两重的漂亮衬裙和流苏什么的,上面当然都标着我家的徽记。为艾丽斯做的漂亮亚麻布衬衣,和为她准备的上等香水。艾丽斯会伸手去摸摸吊袜带。玛莎和玛丽亚腿上穿得那么薄,起先会觉得有儿凉。可你那光着的膝盖周围一旦用薄丝带镶起褶边,就会使你想到……

864BLOOM: (A charming soubrette with dauby cheeks, mustard hair and large male hands and nose, leering mouth) I tried her things on only twice, a small prank, in Holles street. When we were hard up I washed them to save the laundry bill. My own shirts I turned. It was the purest thrift.


865BELLO: (Jeers) Little jobs that make mother pleased, eh? And showed off coquettishly in your domino at the mirror behind closedrawn blinds your unskirted thighs and hegoat's udders in various poses of surrender, eh? Ho! ho! I have to laugh! That secondhand black operatop shift and short trunkleg naughties all split up the stitches at her last rape that Mrs Miriam Dandrade sold you from the Shelbourne hotel, eh?


866BLOOM: Miriam. Black. Demimondaine.


867BELLO: (Guffaws) Christ Almighty it's too tickling, this! You were a nicelooking Miriam when you clipped off your backgate hairs and lay swooning in the thing across the bed as Mrs Dandrade about to be violated by lieutenant Smythe-Smythe, Mr Philip Augustus Blockwell M. P., signor Laci Daremo, the robust tenor, blueeyed Bert, the liftboy, Henri Fleury of Gordon Bennett fame, Sheridan, the quadroon Croesus, the varsity wetbob eight from old Trinity, Ponto, her splendid Newfoundland and Bobs, dowager duchess of Manorhamilton. (He guffaws again) Christ, wouldn't it make a Siamese cat laugh?

867贝洛:(大笑)伟大的基督,这简直太逗啦!你把后门的毛剃干净,盖上那玩艺儿,晕倒在床上的时候,可真成了美人儿米莉亚姆啦。活像是即将被下面这些人强奸的丹德拉德太大。他们是:斯迈思- 斯迈思陆军中尉、下院议员菲利普·奥古斯塔斯·布洛克维尔先生、健壮的男高音拉西·达列莫先生、开电梯的蓝眼睛伯特、因获得戈登·贝纳特奖杯而扬名的亨利·弗勒里、曾在三一学院的大学代表队做过滑艇第八号选手的黑白混血大富豪谢里登、她那只漂亮的纽芬兰狗庞托,以及马诺汉密尔顿公爵遗孀鲍勃斯。(他又大笑一阵。)哎呀,连暹罗猫都给招笑了。

868BLOOM: (Her hands and features working) It was Gerald converted me to be a true corsetlover when I was female impersonator in the High School play Vice Versa. It was dear Gerald. He got that kink, fascinated by sister's stays. Now dearest Gerald uses pinky greasepaint and gilds his eyelids. Cult of the beautiful.

868布卢姆:(她活动着双手和五官。)当我念高中的时候,曾在《颠倒》这出戏里扮演过女角。那回,杰拉尔德 使我真正变成一个胸衣爱好者,对,就是亲爱的杰拉尔德。他对姐妹的紧身褡着了迷,养成了这么个怪毛病。如今可爱的杰拉尔德擦粉红色的油彩,还把眼睑涂成金色的。这是对美的崇拜。

869BELLO: (With wicked glee) Beautiful! Give us a breather! When you took your seat with womanish care, lifting your billowy flounces, on the smoothworn throne.


870BLOOM: Science. To compare the various joys we each enjoy. (Earnestly) And really it's better the position... because often I used to wet...


871BELLO: (Sternly) No insubordination! The sawdust is there in the corner for you. I gave you strict instructions, didn't I? Do it standing, sir! I'll teach you to behave like a jinkleman! If I catch a trace on your swaddles. Aha! By the ass of the Dorans you'll find I'm a martinet. The sins of your past are rising against you. Many. Hundreds.

871贝洛:(严厉地)不许顶嘴!角落里为你准备好锯末了。我不是严格地指示过你吗?站着干,老兄!我要教你像个骗子那样干!你敢在襁褓上留点污痕试试。哎嘿!凭着多兰的驴 发誓,你会发现我是个纪律严明的人。你过去的罪恶会起来声讨你。很多。好几百桩。

872THE SINS OF THE PAST: (In a medley of voices) He went through a form of clandestine marriage with at least one woman in the shadow of the Black church. Unspeakable messages he telephoned mentally to Miss Dunn at an address in D'Olier street while he presented himself indecently to the instrument in the callbox. By word and deed he frankly encouraged a nocturnal strumpet to deposit fecal and other matter in an unsanitary outhouse attached to empty premises. In five public conveniences he wrote pencilled messages offering his nuptial partner to all strongmembered males. And by the offensively smelling vitriol works did he not pass night after night by loving courting couples to see if and what and how much he could see? Did he not lie in bed, the gross boar, gloating over a nauseous fragment of wellused toilet paper presented to him by a nasty harlot, stimulated by gingerbread and a postal order?

872过去的罪恶:(声音混杂中)他在黑教堂 的阴影中,至少跟一个女人偷偷举行了婚礼。他一边对公共电话阁子的电话机做猥亵的举动,一边在精神上给居住在多利尔某号的邓恩小姐 打电话,说些不堪入耳的话。他还公然用言语和行动来怂恿暗娼把粪便和其他污物丢到空房旁边龌龊的厕所里。在五个公共厕所里,他都用铅笔写道,愿为一切身体强壮之男子提供本人的妻子。难道他不曾每夜在发散异臭的硫酸工厂 附近,从一对对热恋着的情侣身边走过,想碰碰运气,巴不得多少能看到点儿什么吗?难道这头肥公猪不曾躺在床上,用姜汁饼和邮政汇票来鼓励一个讨厌的妓女,让她提供用过好多遍令人作呕的草纸,并躺在床上馋涎欲滴地盯视它吗?

873BELLO: (Whistles loudly) Say! What was the most revolting piece of obscenity in all your career of crime? Go the whole hog. Puke it out! Be candid for once.


874(Mute inhuman faces throng forward, leering, vanishing, gibbering, Booloohoom. Poldy Kock, Bootlaces a penny Cassidy's hag, blind stripling, Larry Rhinoceros, the girl, the woman, the whore, the other, the...)

874一张张沉默、冷酷的脸拥过来,有的斜眼瞅着,有的在逐渐消失,有的在嘲笑着。波尔迪·德·科克 ,靴子带儿一便士,卡西迪的老妪,盲青年,拉里·莱诺塞罗斯,姑娘,妇女,娼妓,另外还有……)

875BLOOM: Don't ask me! Our mutual faith. Pleasants street. I only thought the half of the... I swear on my sacred oath...

875布卢姆:不要问我!咱们共同的信仰。 普莱曾茨街。我只转了一半念头……我凭着神圣的誓约保证……

876BELLO: (Peremptorily) Answer. Repugnant wretch! I insist on knowing. Tell me something to amuse me, smut or a bloody good ghoststory or a line of poetry, quick, quick, quick! Where? How? What time? With how many? I give you just three seconds. One! Two! Thr...


877BLOOM: (Docile, gurgles) I rererepugnosed in rerererepugnant


878BELLO: (Imperiously) O, get out, you skunk! Hold your tongue! Speak when you're spoken to.


879BLOOM: (Bows) Master! Mistress! Mantamer!


880(He lifts his arms. His bangle bracelets fill.)


881BELLO: (Satirically) By day you will souse and bat our smelling underclothes also when we ladies are unwell, and swab out our latrines with dress pinned up and a dishclout tied to your tail. Won't that be nice? (He places a ruby ring on her finger) And there now! With this ring I thee own. Say, thank you, mistress.


882BLOOM: Thank you, mistress.


883BELLO: You will make the beds, get my tub ready, empty the pisspots in the different rooms, including old Mrs Keogh's the cook's, a sandy one. Ay, and rinse the seven of them well, mind, or lap it up like champagne. Drink me piping hot. Hop! You will dance attendance or I'll lecture you on your misdeeds, Miss Ruby, and spank your bare bot right well, miss, with the hairbrush. You'll be taught the error of your ways. At night your wellcreamed braceletted hands will wear fortythreebutton gloves newpowdered with talc and having delicately scented fingertips. For such favours knights of old laid down their lives. (He chuckles) My boys will be no end charmed to see you so ladylike, the colonel, above all, when they come here the night before the wedding to fondle my new attraction in gilded heels. First I'll have a go at you myself. A man I know on the turf named Charles Alberta Marsh (I was in bed with him just now and another gentleman out of the Hanaper and Petty Bag office) is on the lookout for a maid of all work at a short knock. Swell the bust. Smile. Droop shoulders. What offers? (He points) For that lot. Trained by owner to fetch and carry, basket in mouth. (He bares his arm and plunges it elbowdeep in Bloom's vulva) There's fine depth for you! What, boys? That give you a hardon? (He shoves his arm in a bidder's face) Here wet the deck and wipe it round!

883贝洛:你得为我们叠被铺床,替我准备澡水,倒各间房里的尿罐,包括老厨娘基奥那只沙色的。对,你还得记住把七只尿罐都好好涮一遍,或当作香槟酒那样舔个干净。把我撒的尿趁热喝下去。你得麻麻利利、低三下四地伺候着,不然的话,我就训斥你不懂规矩。鲁碧小姐,我要用头发刷子狠狠地揍你的光屁股。这样,你就会懂得怎样循规蹈矩了。晚上,你那双擦足了雪花膏、套上镯子的手,还得戴上一副有着四十三个钮扣、刚涂过滑石粉的手套,指尖上考究地洒了香水。为了能得到这些好处,从前的骑士不惜献出生命。(他咯咯笑着。)我手下那些小伙子看到你这副贵妇人的风度一定会神魂颠倒,尤其是那位上校,当他们在婚礼前夕来这儿爱抚我这个靴子后跟镀了金的新招牌姑娘的时候。首先,我得亲自试试你。我在赛马场上结识的查尔斯·艾伯塔·马什——我刚刚跟他睡过觉。还有一位文件筐与小包保管科 的先生,正在物色一个百依百顺的女仆。挺起胸脯来。笑一笑。垂下肩去。肯出多少钱?(指着)现货就在这里。经过雇主的训练,能嘴里叼着水桶,搬呀运呀。(他挽起袖管,将前臂整个儿伸进布卢姆的阴户。)够深的吧!怎样,小伙子们?见了这,你们还能不挺起来吗?(他把胳膊伸到一个竞买者脸前。)喏,搞吧,挨着个儿地来!

884A BIDDER: A florin.


885(Dillon's lacquey rings his handbell.)


886THE LACQUEY: Barang!


887A VOICE: One and eightpence too much.


888CHARLES ALBERTA MARSH: Must be virgin. Good breath. Clean.


889BELLO: (Gives a rap with his gavel) Two bar. Rockbottom figure and cheap at the price. Fourteen hands high. Touch and examine his points. Handle him. This downy skin, these soft muscles, this tender flesh. If I had only my gold piercer here! And quite easy to milk. Three newlaid gallons a day. A pure stockgetter, due to lay within the hour. His sire's milk record was a thousand gallons of whole milk in forty weeks. Whoa my jewel! Beg up! Whoa! (He brands his initial C on Bloom's croup) So! Warranted Cohen! What advance on two bob, gentlemen?


890A DARKVISAGED MAN: (In disguised accent) Hoondert punt sterlink.


891VOICES: (Subdued) For the Caliph. Haroun Al Raschid.


892BELLO: (Gaily) Right. Let them all come. The scanty, daringly short skirt, riding up at the knee to show a peep of white pantalette, is a potent weapon and transparent stockings, emeraldgartered, with the long straight seam trailing up beyond the knee, appeal to the better instincts of the blas?/i> man about town. Learn the smooth mincing walk on four inch Louis Quinze heels, the Grecian bend with provoking croup, the thighs fluescent, knees modestly kissing. Bring all your powers of fascination to bear on them. Pander to their Gomorrahan vices.

892贝洛:(兴高采烈地)好吧。让他们统统都来吧。窄小而毫无顾忌,只及膝盖的短裙,裙裾掀起,露出一抹白色宽松裤子,乃是强有力的武器。还有那透明的长袜,笔直的长长的棱线直伸到膝盖上端,再系上鲜绿色袜带,很投合城里玩厌了的人那种想别开生面的本能。要学会穿路易十五式后跟足有四英寸高的鞋, 走路时忸忸怩怩,装腔作势。还得会行希腊式的屈膝礼,挑逗地撅起屁股,大腿丰腴匀称,双膝端庄地并着。朝他们发挥出你的全部魅力吧。勾引他们去沉溺在?昴亩裣爸? 。

893BLOOM: (Bends his blushing face into his armpit and simpers with forefinger in mouth) O, I know what you're hinting at now!


894BELLO: What else are you good for, an impotent thing like you? (He stoops and, peering, pokes with his fan rudely under the fat suet folds of Bloom's haunches) Up! Up! Manx cat! What have we here? Where's your curly teapot gone to or who docked it on you, cockyolly? Sing, birdy, sing. It's as limp as a boy of six's doing his pooly behind a cart. Buy a bucket or sell your pump. (Loudly) Can you do a man's job?

894贝洛:像你这么个阳萎的家伙,除此而外还能做什么?(他弯下身去,边盯视边用扇子粗暴地戳布卢姆臀部那脂肪很厚的褶皱下面。)起来!起来!曼克斯猫 !这是怎么啦?你那卷毛的茶壶哪儿去啦?要么就是什么人把它铰掉了吗,你这鸟儿?唱吧,鸟儿,唱呀。软搭拉的,就跟在马车后面撒尿的六岁娃娃那物儿一样。买只桶或卖掉水泵。(大声)你起得了男人的作用吗?

895BLOOM: Eccles street...


896BELLO: (Sarcastically) I wouldn't hurt your feelings for the world but there's a man of brawn in possession there. The tables are turned, my gay young fellow! He is something like a fullgrown outdoor man. Well for you, you muff, if you had that weapon with knobs and lumps and warts all over it. He shot his bolt, I can tell you! Foot to foot, knee to knee, belly to belly, bubs to breast! He's no eunuch. A shock of red hair he has sticking out of him behind like a furzebush! Wait for nine months, my lad! Holy ginger, it's kicking and coughing up and down in her guts already! That makes you wild, don't it? Touches the spot? (He spits in contempt) Spittoon!


897BLOOM: I was indecently treated, I... Inform the police. Hundred pounds. Unmentionable. I...


898BELLO: Would if you could, lame duck. A downpour we want not your drizzle.


899BLOOM: To drive me mad! Moll! I forgot! Forgive! Moll... We... Still...

899布卢姆:会把我逼疯的!摩尔 !我忘记了!饶恕我吧!摩尔……我们……还……

900BELLO: (Ruthlessly) No, Leopold Bloom, all is changed by woman's will since you slept horizontal in Sleepy Hollow your night of twenty years. Return and see.


901(Old Sleepy Hollow calls over the wold.)


902SLEEPY HOLLOW: Rip van Wink! Rip van Winkle!


903BLOOM: (In tattered mocassins with a rusty fowlingpiece, tiptoeing, fingertipping, his haggard bony bearded face peering through the diamond panes, cries out) I see her! It's she! The first night at Mat Dillon's! But that dress, the green! And her hair is dyed gold and he...


904BELLO: (Laughs mockingly) That's your daughter, you owl, with a Mullingar student.


905(Milly Bloom, fairhaired, greenvested, slimsandalled, her blue scarf in the seawind simply swirling, breaks from the arms of her lover and calls, her young eyes wonderwide.)

905(米莉·布卢姆,一头金发,身着绿衫,足蹬细长的凉鞋 ,听任蓝色头巾被海风吹拂得翻卷,甩开情人的双臂,惊奇地睁大眼睛叫着。)

906MILLY: My! It's Papli! But, O Papli, how old you've grown!


907BELLO: Changed, eh? Our whatnot, our writingtable where we never wrote, aunt Hegarty's armchair, our classic reprints of old masters. A man and his menfriends are living there in clover. The Cuckoos' Rest! Why not? How many women had you, eh, following them up dark streets, flatfoot, exciting them by your smothered grunts, what, you male prostitute? Blameless dames with parcels of groceries. Turn about. Sauce for the goose, my gander O.

907贝洛:变啦,对吧?咱们的什锦柜,咱们那张从没在上边写过字的书桌,姨姥姥哈格蒂的扶手椅,是按古代大师的作品仿制的。一个男人和他的男友们在那儿养尊处优。王八窝 。这也好嘛。你有过多少女人,呃,在黑咕隆咚的街上拖着脚步走,跟在她们后面,瓮声瓮气地咕哝着,使她们兴奋起来。怎样啊,你这男妓?跟踪那些捧着一包包食品杂货的规规矩矩的太太。向后转吧。我的公鹅啊,你和母鹅是半斤八两。

908BLOOM: They... I...


909BELLO: (Cuttingly) Their heelmarks will stamp the Brusselette carpet you bought at Wren's auction. In their horseplay with Moll the romp to find the buck flea in her breeches they will deface the little statue you carried home in the rain for art for art' sake. They will violate the secrets of your bottom drawer. Pages will be torn from your handbook of astronomy to make them pipespills. And they will spit in your ten shilling brass fender from Hampton Leedom's.

909贝洛:(尖酸刻薄地)我们的鞋后跟将踩着你从雷恩 拍卖行买的那条仿制的布鲁塞尔地毯。他们跟顽皮的莫尔胡闹一气,捉她裤子里的雄跳蚤,把你为艺术而艺术冒雨抱回家的那座小小雕像 一下子砸个粉碎。他们把你收藏在尽底下那只抽屉里的秘密全暴露出来。他们将把你那本天文学手册扯碎,搓成擦烟斗用的纸捻儿。他们还往你从汉普顿·利德姆 那家店里花十先令买来的黄铜炉档里啐唾沫。

910BLOOM: Ten and six. The act of low scoundrels. Let me go. I will return. I will prove...


911A VOICE: Swear!


912(Bloom clenches his fists and crawls forward, a bowieknife between his teeth.)


913BELLO: As a paying guest or a kept man? Too late. You have made your secondbest bed and others must lie in it. Your epitaph is written. You are down and out and don't you forget it, old bean.

913贝洛:是作为一名房客,还是一个男妾呢?太迟啦 。你既然做了那张次好的床,其他人就得睡在上面。你的墓志铭 已经写好了。老家伙,可不要忘记,你已经完蛋了,被逐出去啦。

914BLOOM: Justice! All Ireland versus one! Has nobody...? (He bites his thumb)


915BELLO: Die and be damned to you if you have any sense of decency or grace about you. I can give you a rare old wine that'll send you skipping to hell and back. Sign a will and leave us any coin you have! If you have none see you damn well get it, steal it, rob it! We'll bury you in our shrubbery jakes where you'll be dead and dirty with old Cuck Cohen, my stepnephew I married, the bloody old gouty procurator and sodomite with a crick in his neck, and my other ten or eleven husbands, whatever the buggers' names were, suffocated in the one cesspool. (He explodes in a loud phlegmy laugh) We'll manure you, Mr Flower! (He pipes scoffingly) Byby, Poldy! Byby, Papli!


916BLOOM: (Clasps his head) My willpower! Memory! I have sinned! I have suff...


917(He weeps tearlessly)


918BELLO: (Sneers) Crybabby! Crocodile tears!


919(Bloom, broken, closely veiled for the sacrifice, sobs, his face to the earth. The passing bell is heard. Darkshawled figures of the circumcised, in sackcloth and ashes, stand by the wailing wall. M. Shulomowitz, Joseph Goldwater, Moses Herzog, Harris Rosenberg, M. Moisel, J. Citron, Minnie Watchman, P. Mastiansky, The Reverend Leopold Abramovitz, Chazen. With swaying arms they wail in pneuma over the recreant Bloom.)

919(布卢姆丧魂落魄,紧紧地蒙起眼睛,脸伏在地上哽咽着,等待着当牺牲品。这时,传来丧钟声。行过割礼者披着黑围巾的身姿,着麻蒙灰,伫立在饮位墙 旁。M·舒勒莫雏茨、约瑟夫·戈德华特、摩西·赫佐格、哈里斯·罗森堡、M·莫伊塞尔、J.西特伦、明尼·沃赤曼、P·马斯添斯基,以及领唱者利奥波德。阿布拉莫维茨导师 。他们摇着手臂,呼唤着圣灵,为哀悼叛教者布卢姆之死而恸哭。)

920THE CIRCUMCISED: (In dark guttural chant as they cast dead sea fruit upon him, no flowers) Shema Israel Adonai Elohenu Adonai Echad.


921VOICES: (Sighing) So he's gone. Ah yes. Yes, indeed. Bloom? Never heard of him. No? Queer kind of chap. There's the widow. That so? Ah, yes.


922(From the suttee pyre the flame of gum camphire ascends. The pall of incense smoke screens and disperses. Out of her oakframe a nymph with hair unbound, lightly clad in teabrown artcolours, descends from her grotto and passing under interlacing yews stands over Bloom.)

922(从寡妇殉夫自焚的柴堆里,升起橡胶樟脑的火焰。香烟像棺衣一般遮住周围,逐渐消散。一位宁芙 从栎木镜框里走了出来。她披散着头发,身上轻飘飘地穿着人工着色的茶褐色衣服,钻出她的洞穴,从枝叶交错的几棵紫杉下经过,站在布卢姆旁边。)

923THE YEWS: (Their leaves whispering) Sister. Our sister. Ssh!


924THE NYMPH: (Softly) Mortal! (Kindly) Nay, dost not weepest!


925BLOOM: (Crawls jellily forward under the boughs, streaked by sunlight, with dignity) This position. I felt it was expected of me. Force of habit.


926THE NYMPH: Mortal! You found me in evil company, highkickers, coster picnicmakers, pugilists, popular generals, immoral panto boys in fleshtights and the nifty shimmy dancers, La Aurora and Karini, musical act, the hit of the century. I was hidden in cheap pink paper that smelt of rock oil. I was surrounded by the stale smut of clubmen, stories to disturb callow youth, ads for transparencies, truedup dice and bustpads, proprietary articles and why wear a truss with testimonial from ruptured gentleman. Useful hints to the married.

926宁芙:凡人!你在一堆歹徒当中找到了我。跳大腿舞的,沿街叫卖水果蔬菜的小贩,拳师,得人心的将军。穿肉色紧身衣、道德败坏的哑剧演员,在本世纪最叫座儿的歌舞节目《曙光女神和卡利尼》中跳希米舞 的俏皮漂亮的舞女。我藏在散发着石油味的粉红色廉价纸页当中。周围是俱乐部的男人们那些老掉牙的猥亵之谈,扰乱乳臭未干的小青年心情的话语,以及各种广告:透明装饰图片,按照几何图形制造的骰子,护胸,专利品,经疝气患者试用证明合格的疝带。有益于已婚者的须知。

927BLOOM: (Lifts a turtle head towards her lap) We have met before. On another star.


928THE NYMPH: (Sadly) Rubber goods. Neverrip brand as supplied to the aristocracy. Corsets for men. I cure fits or money refunded. Unsolicited testimonials for Professor Waldmann's wonderful chest exuber. My bust developed four inches in three weeks, reports Mrs Gus Rublin with photo.


929BLOOM: You mean Photo Bits?


930THE NYMPH: I do. You bore me away, framed me in oak and tinsel, set me above your marriage couch. Unseen, one summer eve, you kissed me in four places. And with loving pencil you shaded my eyes, my bosom and my shame.


931BLOOM: (Humbly kisses her long hair) Your classic curves, beautiful immortal, I was glad to look on you, to praise you, a thing of beauty, almost to pray.


932THE NYMPH: During dark nights I heard your praise.


933BLOOM: (Quickly) Yes, yes. You mean that I... Sleep reveals the worst side of everyone, children perhaps excepted. I know I fell out of bed or rather was pushed. Steel wine is said to cure snoring. For the rest there is that English invention, pamphlet of which I received some days ago, incorrectly addressed. It claims to afford a noiseless, inoffensive vent. (He sighs) 'Twas ever thus. Frailty, thy name is marriage.


934THE NYMPH: (Her fingers in her ears) And words. They are not in my dictionary.


935BLOOM: You understood them?


936THE YEWS: Ssh!


937THE NYMPH: (Covers her face with her hands) What have I not seen in that chamber? What must my eyes look down on?


938BLOOM: (Apologetically) I know. Soiled personal linen, wrong side up with care. The quoits are loose. From Gibraltar by long sea long ago.


939THE NYMPH: (Bends her head) Worse, worse!


940BLOOM: (Reflects precautiously) That antiquated commode. It wasn't her weight. She scaled just eleven stone nine. She put on nine pounds after weaning. It was a crack and want of glue. Eh? And that absurd orangekeyed utensil which has only one handle.


941(The sound of a waterfall is heard in bright cascade.)




943Poulaphouca Poulaphouca


944Poulaphouca Poulaphouca.


945THE YEWS: (Mingling their boughs) Listen. Whisper. She is right, our sister. We grew by Poulaphouca waterfall. We gave shade on languorous summer days.


946JOHN WYSE NOLAN: (In the background, in Irish National Forester's uniform, doffs his plumed hat) Prosper! Give shade on languorous days, trees of Ireland!


947THE YEWS: (Murmuring) Who came to Poulaphouca with the High School excursion? Who left his nutquesting classmates to seek our shade?


948BLOOM: (Scared) High School of Poula? Mnemo? Not in full possession of faculties. Concussion. Run over by tram.


949THE ECHO: Sham!


950BLOOM: (Pigeonbreasted, bottleshouldered, padded, in nondescript juvenile grey and black striped suit, too small for him, white tennis shoes, bordered stockings with turnover tops and a red schoolcap with badge) I was in my teens, a growing boy. A little then sufficed, a jolting car, the mingling odours of the ladies' cloakroom and lavatory, the throng penned tight on the old Royal stairs (for they love crushes, instinct of the herd, and the dark sexsmelling theatre unbridles vice), even a pricelist of their hosiery. And then the heat. There were sunspots that summer. End of school. And tipsycake. Halcyon days.

950布卢姆:(鸡胸,瓶状肩膀,身穿不三不四的黑灰条纹相间、尺寸太小的童装,脚蹬白网球鞋,滚边的翻筒长袜,头上是一顶带着徽章的红色学生帽。)我当时才十几岁,是个正在发育的男孩儿。看什么都有趣儿。颠簸的车啦,妇人衣帽间和厕所混淆在一起的气味啦,密密匝匝地拥塞在古老的皇家剧场 楼梯上的人群啦。因为他们喜欢你拥我挤,这是群体的本能,而且散发出淫荡气味的黑洞洞的剧场更使邪恶猖獗起来。我甚至喜欢看袜子的价目表。还有那股暑气。那个夏季,太阳上出现了黑点。学期结束。还有浸了葡萄酒的醉饼。多么宁静幸福的日子啊。

951(Halcyon days, high school boys in blue and white football jerseys and shorts, Master Donald Turnbull, Master Abraham Chatterton, Master Owen Goldberg, Master Jack Meredith, Master Percy Apjohn, stand in a clearing of the trees and shout to Master Leopold Bloom.)

951(宁静幸福的日子:高中男生穿着蓝白相间的足球运动衫和短裤。唐纳德·特恩布尔、亚伯拉罕·查特顿、欧文·戈德堡、杰克·梅雷迪思和珀西·阿普约翰 站在林间空地上,朝着少年利奥波德·布卢姆喊叫。)

952THE HALCYON DAYS: Mackerel! Live us again. Hurray! (They cheer)


953BLOOM: (Hobbledehoy, warmgloved, mammamufflered, starred with spent snowballs, struggles to rise) Again! I feel sixteen! What a lark! Let's ring all the bells in Montague street. (He cheers feebly) Hurray for the High School!


954THE ECHO: Fool!


955THE YEWS: (Rustling) She is right, our sister. Whisper. (Whispered kisses are heard in all the wood. Faces of hamadryads peep out from the boles and among the leaves and break, blossoming into bloom.) Who profaned our silent shade?


956THE NYMPH: (Coyly, through parting fingers) There? In the open air?


957THE YEWS: (Sweeping downward) Sister, yes. And on our virgin sward.




959Poulaphouca Poulaphouca


960Phoucaphouca Phoucaphouca.


961THE NYMPH: (With wide fingers) O, infamy!


962BLOOM: I was precocious. Youth. The fauna. I sacrificed to the god of the forest. The flowers that bloom in the spring. It was pairing time. Capillary attraction is a natural phenomenon. Lotty Clarke, flaxenhaired, I saw at her night toilette through illclosed curtains with poor papa's operaglasses: The wanton ate grass wildly. She rolled downhill at Rialto bridge to tempt me with her flow of animal spirits. She climbed their crooked tree and I... A saint couldn't resist it. The demon possessed me. Besides, who saw?

962布卢姆:我曾经是个早熟的孩子。青春时期,法乌娜 。我向森林之神献了祭。春季开的花儿 。那是交尾的季节。毛细管引力是自然现象。我用可怜的爸爸那架小望远镜,从没拉严的窗帘缝儿偷看了亚麻色头发的洛蒂·克拉克在化晚妆。那个轻浮丫头吃起草来可野啦。在里亚托桥 ,她滚下山去,用她那旺盛的血气来勾引我。她爬上了弯弯曲曲的树,而我呢。连个圣徒也抑制不住自己。恶魔附在我身上啦。而且,谁也不曾看见呀。

963(Staggering Bob, a whitepolled calf, thrusts a ruminating head with humid nostrils through the foliage.)

963(一头打着趔趄的无角白色小牛崽 从叶丛间伸出头来。它蠕动着嘴,鼻孔湿漉漉的。)



965BLOOM: Simply satisfying a need I... (With pathos) No girl would when I went girling. Too ugly. They wouldn't play...


966(High on Ben Howth through rhododendrons a nannygoat passes, plumpuddered, buttytailed, dropping currants.)


967THE NANNYGOAT: (Bleats) Megeggaggegg! Nannannanny!

967母山羊:(鸣叫)咩 、咩、咩、咩!呐喃呐呢!

968BLOOM: (Hatless, flushed, covered with burrs of thistledown and gorsespine) Regularly engaged. Circumstances alter cases. (He gazes intently downwards on the water) Thirtytwo head over heels per second. Press nightmare. Giddy Elijah. Fall from cliff. Sad end of government printer's clerk. (Through silversilent summer air the dummy of Bloom, rolled in a mummy, rolls roteatingly from the Lion's Head cliff into the purple waiting waters.)

968布卢姆:(无帽,涨红着脸,浑身沾满蓟冠毛和荆豆刺)正式订了婚。境遇迁,情况变 。(目不转睛地俯视水面)每秒三十二英尺, 倒栽葱跌下去。印刷品的恶梦。发晕的以利亚。 从断崖上坠落。政府印刷公司职员的悲惨下场。(裹成木乃伊状的布卢姆木偶,穿过夏日静穆的银色空气,从狮子岬角的崖上旋转着滚进等待着他的紫水。)

969THE DUMMYMUMMY: Bbbbblllllblblblblobschbg!


970(Far out in the bay between bailey and kish lights the Erin's King sails, sending a broadening plume of coalsmoke from her funnel towards the land.)

970(远远地在海湾的水面上,爱琳王号 从贝利灯塔与基什灯塔之间穿行。烟囱吐出羽毛状煤烟,扩散开来,朝岸边飘浮。)

971COUNCILLOR NANNETII: (Alone on deck, in dark alpaca, yellowkitefaced, his hand in his waistcoat opening, declaims) When my country takes her place among the nations of the earth, then, and not till then, let my epitaph be written. I have...


972BLOOM: Done. Prff!


973THE NYMPH: (Loftily) We immortals, as you saw today, have not such a place and no hair there either. We are stonecold and pure. We eat electric light. (She arches her body in lascivious crispation, placing her forefinger in her mouth) Spoke to me. Heard from behind. How then could you...?

973宁芙:(高傲地)我们这些神明,正如你今天所瞧见的那样,身上没有那个部位,也没长着毛。 我们像石头一样冰凉而纯洁。我们吃电光。(她把身子淫荡地弯成弓形,咬着食指。)你对我说话来着吧。声音是从背后传来的,你怎么竟能这样……?

974BLOOM: (Pawing the heather abjectly) O, I have been a perfect pig. Enemas too I have administered. One third of a pint of quassia to which add a tablespoonful of rocksalt. Up the fundament. With Hamilton Long's syringe, the ladies' friend.


975THE NYMPH: In my presence. The powderpuff. (She blushes and makes a knee) And the rest!


976BLOOM: (Dejected) Yes. Peccavi! I have paid homage on that living altar where the back changes name. (With sudden fervour) For why should the dainty scented jewelled hand, the hand that rules...?

976布卢姆:(垂头丧气)对。我犯了罪! 我已经向不再这么叫的后背那个部位——一座活生生的祭坛致了敬。(突然以热切的口吻)为什么那双馥郁秀丽、珠光宝气的手,支配……的手?

977(Figures wind serpenting in slow woodland pattern around the treestems, cooeeing)


978THE VOICE OF KITTY: (In the thicket) Show us one of them cushions.




980(A grouse wings clumsily through the underwood.)


981THE VOICE OF LYNCH: (In the thicket) Whew! Piping hot!


982THE VOICE OF ZOE: (From the thicket) Came from a hot place.


983THE VOICE OF VIRAG: (A birdchief, bluestreaked and feathered in war panoply with his assegai, striding through a crackling canebrake over beechmast and acorns) Hot! Hot! Ware Sitting Bull!

983维拉格的声音:(百鸟首领,披戴着饰以蓝竖纹羽毛的全副甲胄,手执标枪,踩着山毛榉果和橡子,大踏步穿过僻僻啪啪响的藤丛。)好热啊!好热!可得提防着坐牛 !

984BLOOM: It overpowers me. The warm impress of her warm form. Even to sit where a woman has sat, especially with divaricated thighs, as though to grant the last favours, most especially with previously well uplifted white sateen coatpans. So womanly, full. It fills me full.




986Phillaphulla Poulaphouca


987Poulaphouca Poulaphouca.


988THE YEWS: Ssh! Sister, speak!


989THE NYMPH: (Eyeless, in nun's white habit, coif and hugewinged wimple, softly, with remote eyes) Tranquilla convent. Sister Agatha. Mount Carmel. The apparitions of Knock and Lourdes. No more desire. (She reclines her head, sighing) Only the ethereal. Where dreamy creamy gull waves o'er the waters dull.

989宁芙:(双目失明,身穿修女的白袍,包着两边张出翼状大折裥的头巾,望着远处,安详地)特兰奎拉女修道院。阿加塔修女。迦密山。 诺克和卢尔德的显圣。 没有了欲望。(她垂下头去叹气。)只剩下苍穹的灵气了。梦幻一般浓郁的海鸥,在沉滞的水上飞翔。

990(Bloom half rises. His back trouserbutton snaps.)




992(Two sluts of the coombe dance rainily by, shawled, yelling flatly.)

992(库姆 的两个婊子身披围巾,淋着雨,边跳着舞过去,边用呆板的音调嚷着。)



994O, Leopold lost the pin of his drawers


995He didn't know what to do,


996To keep it up,


997To keep it up.


998BLOOM: (Coldly) You have broken the spell. The last straw. If there were only ethereal where would you all be, postulants and novices? Shy but willing like an ass pissing.

998布卢姆:(冷漠地)你们把符咒给破了。这可是最后一根稻草 啊。倘若只有天上的灵气,该把你们这些圣职申请者和见习修女往哪儿摆呢?羞涩而心甘情愿,就像一头撒尿的驴。

999THE YEWS: (Their silverfoil of leaves precipitating, their skinny arms aging and swaying) Deciduously!


1000THE NYMPH: (Her features hardening, gropes in the folds of her habit) Sacrilege! To attempt my virtue! (A large moist stain appears on her robe) Sully my innocence! You are not fit to touch the garment of a pure woman. (She clutches again in her robe) Wait. Satan, you'll sing no more lovesongs. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. (She draws a poniard and, clad in the sheathmail of an elected knight of nine, strikes at his loins) Nekum!


1001BLOOM: (Starts up, seizes her hand) Hoy! Nebrakada! Cat o' nine lives! Fair play, madam. No pruningknife. The fox and the grapes, is it? What do you lack with your barbed wire? Crucifix not thick enough? (He clutches her veil) A holy abbot you want or Brophy, the lame gardener, or the spoutless statue of the watercarrier, or good mother Alphonsus, eh Reynard?

1001布卢姆:(大吃一惊,攥住她的手。)嗬!受保佑的! ,还缺什么?难道十字架还不够粗吗?(一把抓住她的头巾)你究竟想要可敬的男修道院院长呢,还是瘸腿园丁布罗菲;要么就是没有出水口的送水人 雕像,或是好母亲阿方萨斯,呃,列那?

1002THE NYMPH: (With a cry flees from him unveiled, her plaster cast cracking, a cloud of stench escaping from the cracks) Poli...!

1002宁芙:(大叫一声,丢下头巾,逃出他的手掌。她那用石膏塑成的壳子出现裂纹,从裂缝里冒出一股臭气 。)警……!

1003BLOOM: (Calls after her) As if you didn't get it on the double yourselves. No jerks and multiple mucosities all over you. I tried it. Your strength our weakness. What's our studfee? What will you pay on the nail? You fee mendancers on the Riviera, I read. (The fleeing nymph raises a keen) Eh? I have sixteen years of black slave labour behind me. And would a jury give me five shillings alimony tomorrow, eh? Fool someone else, not me. (He sniffs) Rut. Onions. Stale. Sulphur. Grease.

1003布卢姆:(从她背后喊)倒好像你自己井没有加倍地享乐似的。连动也不动一下就浑身糊满各种各样的黏液了。我试了一下。你的长处就是我们的弱点。你给我多少配种费呀?马上付多少现款?我读过关于你们在里维埃拉雇舞男的事。(正在逃跑的宁芙哭了一声。)呃?我像黑奴般地干了十六年的苦役。难道明天陪审员会给我五先令的赡养费吗,呃,去愚弄旁人吧,我可不上这个当。(嗅着。)动情。葱头。酸臭的气味 。硫磺。脂肪。

1004(The figure of Bella Cohen stands before him.)


1005BELLA: You'll know me the next time.


1006BLOOM: (Composed, regards her) Pass閑. Mutton dressed as lamb. Long in the tooth and superfluous hair. A raw onion the last thing at night would benefit your complexion. And take some double chin drill. Your eyes are as vapid as the glasseyes of your stuffed fox. They have the dimensions of your other features, that's all. I'm not a triple screw propeller.

1006布卢姆:(安详地打量着她)容颜衰退。 老婊子装扮成少妇的样子。牙齿长,头发密。晚上临睡吃生葱头,可以滋润容颜。通过锻炼,能消除双下巴颏。你那两眼就像你那只剥制狐狸的玻璃眼睛那么呆滞。它门跟你的胸腰臀尺寸也相当。就是这样。我可不是一架三翼螺旋桨。

1007BELLA: (Contemptuously) You're not game, in fact. (Her sowcunt barks) Fbhracht!


1008BLOOM: (Contemptuously) Clean your nailless middle finger first, your bully's cold spunk is dripping from your cockscomb. Take a handful of hay and wipe yourself.


1009BELLA: I know you, canvasser! Dead cod!


1010BLOOM: I saw him, kipkeeper! Pox and gleet vendor!


1011BELLA: (Turns to the piano) Which of you was playing the dead march from Saul?


1012ZOE: Me. Mind your cornflowers. (She darts to the piano and bangs chords on it with crossed arms) The cat's ramble through the slag. (She glances back) Eh? Who's making love to my sweeties? (She darts back to the table) What's yours is mine and what's mine is my own.

1012佐伊:是我。当心你的鸡眼儿吧。( 她一个箭步蹿到钢琴跟前,交抱着胳膊使劲碰琴键。)平板、机械、单调、生硬的旋律。(她回过头来瞟一眼。)呃?谁在向我的情人儿献殷勤?(她一个箭步蹿回到桌边。)你的就是我的,我的就是我自己的。

1013(Kitty, disconcerted, coats her teeth with the silver paper. Bloom approaches Zoe.)


1014BLOOM: (Gently) Give me back that potato, will you?


1015ZOE: Forfeits, a fine thing and a superfine thing.


1016BLOOM: (With feeling) It is nothing, but still, a relic of poor mamma.




1018Give a thing and take it back


1019God'll ask you where is that


1020You'll say you don't know


1021God'll send you down below.


1022BLOOM: There is a memory attached to it. I should like to have it.


1023STEPHEN: To have or not to have that is the question.


1024ZOE: Here. (She hauls up a reef of her slip, revealing her bare thigh, and unrolls the potato from the top of her stocking) Those that hides knows where to find.


1025BELLA: (Frowns) Here. This isn't a musical peepshow. And don't you smash that piano. Who's paying here?


1026(She goes to the pianola. Stephen fumbles in his pocket and, taking out a banknote by its corner, hands it to her.)


1027STEPHEN: (With exaggerated politeness) This silken purse I made out of the sow's ear of the public. Madam, excuse me. If you allow me. (He indicates vaguely Lynch and Bloom) We are all in the same sweepstake, Kinch and Lynch. Dans ce bordel ou tenons nostre 閠at.

1027斯蒂芬:(故作夸张的彬彬有礼)这个丝制钱包我是用酒吧间的猪耳朵做的 大太,请原谅。要是您允许的话。(他含含糊糊地指林奇和布卢姆。)金赤和林奇,我们同赌共济。 在我们“开庭”的这家窑子里。

1028LYNCH: (Calls from the hearth) Dedalus! Give her your blessing for me.


1029STEPHEN: (Hands Bella a coin) Gold. She has it.


1030BELLA: (Looks at the money, then at Stephen, then at Zoe, Florry and Kitty) Do you want three girls? It's ten shillings here.

1030贝拉:(瞧瞧钱, 然后看看佐伊、弗洛莉和吉蒂。)你们要三个姑娘吗?这里是十先令。

1031STEPHEN: (Delightedly) A hundred thousand apologies. (He fumbles again and takes out and hands her two crowns) Permit, brevi manu, my sight is somewhat troubled.


1032(Bella goes to the table to count the money while Stephen talks to himself in monosyllables. Zoe bends over the table. Kitty leans over Zoe's neck. Lynch gets up, rights his cap and, clasping Kitty's waist, adds his head to the group.)


1033FLORRY: (Strives heavily to rise) Ow! My foot's asleep. (She limps over to the table. Bloom approaches.)


1034BELLA, ZOE, KITTY, LYNCH, BLOOM: (Chattering and squabbling) The gentleman... ten shillings... paying for the three... allow me a moment... this gentleman pays separate... who's touching it?... ow! ... mind who you're pinching... are you staying the night or a short time?... who did?... you're a liar, excuse me... the gentleman paid down like a gentleman... drink... it's long after eleven.


1035STEPHEN: (At the pianola, making a gesture of abhorrence) No bottles! What, eleven? A riddle!

1035斯蒂芬:(在自动钢琴旁边,做表示厌恶的手势)不要酒啦!什么,十一点?一个谜语 !

1036ZOE: (Lifting up her pettigown and folding a half sovereign into the top of her stocking) Hard earned on the flat of my back.


1037LYNCH: (Lifting Kitty from the table) Come!


1038KITTY: Wait. (She clutches the two crowns)


1039FLORRY: And me?


1040LYNCH: Hoopla! (He lifts her, carries her and bumps her down on the sofa.)




1042The fox crew, the cocks flew,


1043The bells in heaven


1044Were striking eleven.


1045Tis time for her poor sou


1046To get out of heaven.


1047BLOOM: (Quietly lays a half sovereign on the table between bella and florry) So. Allow me. (He takes up the poundnote) Three times ten. We're square.


1048BELLA: (Admiringly) You're such a slyboots, old cocky. I could kiss you.


1049ZOE: (Points) Him? Deep as a drawwell.


1050(Lynch bends Kitty back over the sofa and kisses her. Bloom goes with the poundnote to Stephen.)


1051BLOOM: This is yours.


1052STEPHEN: How is that? Les distrait or absentminded beggar. (He fumbles again in his pocket and draws out a handful of coins. An object fills.) That fell.

1052斯蒂芬:这是怎么回事?心神恍惚的男子或心神恍惚的乞丐 。(他又掏兜,摸出一把硬币。掉了一样东西。)掉啦。

1053BLOOM: (Stooping, picks up and hands a box of matches) This.


1054STEPHEN: Lucifer. Thanks.


1055BLOOM: (Quietly) You had better hand over that cash to me to take care of. Why pay more?


1056STEPHEN: (Hands him all his coins) Be just before you are generous.


1057BLOOM: I will but is it wise? (He counts) One, seven, eleven, and five. Six. Eleven. I don't answer for what you may have lost.


1058STEPHEN: Why striking eleven? Proparoxyton. Moment before the next Lessing says. Thirsty fox. (He laughs loudly) Burying his grandmother. Probably he killed her.


1059BLOOM: That is one pound six and eleven. One pound seven, say.


1060STEPHEN: Doesn't matter a rambling damn.


1061BLOOM: No, but...


1062STEPHEN: (Comes to the table) Cigarette, please. (Lynch tosses a cigarette from the sofa to the table) And so Georgina Johnson is dead and married. (A cigarette appears on the table. Stephen looks at it) Wonder. Parlour magic. Married. Hm. (He strikes a match and proceeds to light the cigarette with enigmatic melancholy)


1063LYNCH: (Watching him) You would have a better chance of lighting it if you held the match nearer.


1064STEPHEN: (Brings the match near his eye) Lynx eye. Must get glasses. Broke them yesterday. Sixteen years ago. Distance. The eye sees all flat. (He draws the match away. It goes out.) Brain thinks. Near: far. Ineluctable modality of the visible. (He frowns mysteriously) Hm. Sphinx. The beast that has twobacks at midnight. Married.

1064斯蒂芬:(把火柴凑到眼前)山猫般锐利的目光。得配副眼镜。昨天把眼镜打碎了。十六年前。距离。一眼望去,都是平面。(他把火柴移开。熄灭了。)脑子在思索。是近还是远。 无可避免的视觉认知形态。 (他故作玄虚地皱皱眉头。)哼。斯芬克斯。双背禽兽 在半夜里结了婚。

1065ZOE: It was a commercial traveller married her and took her away with him.


1066FLORRY: (Nods) Mr Lambe from London.


1067STEPHEN: Lamb of London, who takest away the sins of our world.


1068LYNCH: (Embracing Kitty on the sofa, chants deeply) Dona nobis pacem.


1069(The cigarette slips from Stephen 's fingers. Bloom picks it up and throws it in the grate.)


1070BLOOM: Don't smoke. You ought to eat. Cursed dog I met. (To Zoe) You have nothing?


1071ZOE: Is he hungry?


1072STEPHEN: (Extends his hand to her smiling and chants to the air of the bloodoath in the Dusk of the Gods)

1072斯蒂芬:(笑吟吟地朝她伸出一只手,用《众神的黄昏)中“血誓 的曲调诵着。)

1073Hangende Hunger,


1074Fragende Frau,


1075Macht uns alle kaputt.


1076ZOE: (Tragically) Hamlet, I am thy father's gimlet! (She takes his hand) Blue eyes beauty I'll read your hand. (She points to his forehead) No wit, no wrinkles. (She counts) Two, three, Mars, that's courage. (Stephen shakes his head) No kid.

1076佐伊:(悲剧味十足)哈姆莱特,我是你父亲的手锥! (她抓住他的手。)蓝眼睛的美男子,我要替你看着手相。(她指着他的前额。)缺智慧,没皱纹。(她数着。)二,三,战神丘表明有勇气。(斯蒂芬摇摇头。)不骗你。

1077LYNCH: Sheet lightning courage. The youth who could not shiver and shake. (To Zoe) Who taught you palmistry?


1078ZOE: (Turns) Ask my ballocks that I haven't got. (To Stephen) I see it in your face. The eye, like that. (She frowns with lowered head)


1079LYNCH: (Laughing, slaps Kitty behind twice) Like that. Pandybat.


1080(Twice loudly a pandybat cracks, the coffin of the pianola flies open, the bald little round jack-in-the-box head of Father Dolan springs up.)


1081FATHER DOLAN: Any boy want flogging? Broke his glasses? Lazy idle little schemer. See it in your eye.


1082(Mild, benign, rectorial, reproving, the head of Don John Conmee rises from the pianola coffin.)


1083DON JOHN CONMEE: Now, Father Dolan! Now. I'm sure that Stephen is a very good little boy!


1084ZOE: (Examining Stephen's palm) Woman's hand.


1085STEPHEN: (Murmurs) Continue. Lie. Hold me. Caress. I never could read His handwriting except His criminal thumbprint on the haddock.


1086ZOE: What day were you born?


1087STEPHEN: Thursday. Today.


1088ZOE: Thursday's child has far to go. (She traces lines on his hand) Line of fate. Influential friends.

1088佐伊:星期四生的孩子前程远大。 (她追踪着他的掌纹。)命运纹。结交有权有势的朋友。

1089FLORRY: (Pointing) Imagination.


1090ZOE: Mount of the moon. You'll meet with a... (She peers at his hands abruptly) I won't tell you what's not good for you. Or do you want to know?


1091BLOOM: (Detaches her fingers and offers his palm) More harm than good. Here. Read mine.


1092BELLA: Show. (She turns up bloom's hand) I thought so. Knobby knuckles for the women.


1093ZOE: (Peering at bloom's palm) Gridiron. Travels beyond the sea and marry money.


1094BLOOM: Wrong.


1095ZOE: (Quickly) O, I see. Short little finger. Henpecked husband. That wrong?


1096(Black Liz, a huge rooster hatching in a chalked circle, rises, stretches her wings and clucks.)


1097BLACK LIZ: Gara. Klook. Klook. Klook.


1098(She sidles from her newlaid egg and waddles off)


1099BLOOM: (Points to his hand) That weal there is an accident. Fell and cut it twentytwo years ago. I was sixteen.


1100ZOE: I see, says the blind man. Tell us news.


1101STEPHEN: See? Moves to one great goal. I am twentytwo. Sixteen years ago he was twentytwo too. Sixteen years ago I twentytwo tumbled. Twentytwo years ago he sixteen fell off his hobbyhorse. (He winces) Hurt my hand somewhere. Must see a dentist. Money?


1102(Zoe whispers to Florry. They giggle. Bloom releases his hand and writes idly on the table in backhand, pencilling slow curves.)


1103FLORRY: What?


1104(A hackneycar, number three hundred and twentyfour, with a gallantbuttocked mare, driven by James Barton, Harmony Avenue, Donnybrook, trots past. Blazes Boylan and Lenehan sprawl swaying on the sideseats. The Ormond boots crouches behind on the axle. Sadly over the crossblind Lydia Douce and Mina Kennedy gaze.)


1105THE BOOTS: (Jogging, mocks them with thumb and wriggling wormfingers) Haw haw have you the horn?


1106(Bronze by gold they whisper.)


1107ZOE: (To Florry) Whisper.


1108(They whisper again)


1109(Over the well of the car Blazes Boylan leans, his boater straw set sideways, a red flower in his mouth. Lenehan in yachtsman's cap and white shoes officiously detaches a long hair from Blazes Boylan's coat shoulder.)


1110LENEHAN: Ho! What do I here behold? Were you brushing the cobwebs off a few quims?


1111BOYLAN: (Seated, smiles) Plucking a turkey.


1112LENEHAN: A good night's work.


1113BOYLAN: (Holding up four thick bluntungulated fingers, winks) Blazes Kate! Up to sample or your money back. (He holds out a forefinger) Smell that.


1114LENEHAN: (Smells gleefully) Ah! Lobster and mayonnaise. Ah!


1115ZOE AND FLORRY: (Laugh together) Ha ha ha ha.


1116BOYLAN: (Jumps surely from the car and calls loudly for all to hear) Hello, Bloom! Mrs Bloom dressed yet?


1117BLOOM: (In flunkey's prune plush coat and kneebreeches, buff stockings and powdered wig) I'm afraid not, sir. The last articles...


1118BOYLAN: (Tosses him sixpence) Here, to buy yourself a gin and splash. (He hangs his hat smartly on a peg of Bloom's antlered head) Show me in. I have a little private business with your wife, you understand?


1119BLOOM: Thank you, sir. Yes, sir. Madam Tweedy is in her bath, sir.


1120MARION: He ought to feel himself highly honoured. (She plops splashing out of the water) Raoul darling, come and dry me. I'm in my pelt. Only my new hat and a carriage sponge.

1120玛莉恩:他应该感到非常荣幸才是。(她噗噜噜地飞溅着澡水,走了出来。)拉乌尔 亲爱的,来替我擦干了。我光着身子哪。除了一顶新帽子和随身携带的海绵,我可一丝不挂。

1121BOYLAN: (A merry twinkle in his eye) Topping!


1122BELLA: What? What is it?


1123(Zoe whispers to her.)


1124MARION: Let him look, the pishogue! Pimp! And scourge himself! I'll write to a powerful prostitute or Bartholomona, the bearded woman, to raise weals out on him an inch thick and make him bring me back a signed and stamped receipt.

1124玛莉恩:让他看着,邪魔附体 !男妓!他该鞭打自己一顿!我要写信给有势力的妓女巴托罗莫娜,一个长胡子的女人,叫她在他身上留下一英寸厚的鞭痕,并且要他给我带回一张签字盖章的字据。

1125BOYLAN: (clasps himself) Here, I can't hold this little lot much longer. (he strides off on stiff cavalry legs)


1126BELLA: (Laughing) Ho ho ho ho.


1127BOYLAN: (To Bloom, over his shoulder) You can apply your eye to the keyhole and play with yourself while I just go through her a few times.


1128BLOOM: Thank you, sir. I will, sir. May I bring two men chums to witness the deed and take a snapshot? (He holds out an ointment jar) Vaseline, sir? Orangeflower...? Lukewarm water...?


1129KITTY: (From the sofa) Tell us, Florry. Tell us. What.


1130(Florry whispers to her. Whispering lovewords murmur, liplapping loudly, poppysmic plopslop.)


1131MINA KENNEDY: (Her eyes upturned) O, it must be like the scent of geraniums and lovely peaches! O, he simply idolises every bit of her! Stuck together! Covered with kisses!

1131米娜·肯尼迪:(两眼朝上翻着)噢,准是像天竺葵和可爱的桃子那样的气味!噢,他简直把她每个部位都膜拜到了,紧紧鳔在一块儿 !浑身都吻遍了!

1132LYDIA DOUCE: (Her mouth opening) Yumyum. O, he's carrying her round the room doing it! Ride a cockhorse. You could hear them in Paris and New York. Like mouthfuls of strawberries and cream.

1132莉迪亚·杜丝:(张着嘴)真好吃,真好吃。 噢,他一边搞,一边抱着她满屋子转!骑着一匹摇木马。他们这样搞法,甚至在巴黎和纽约,你都听得见。就像是嘴里塞满了草莓和奶油似的。

1133KITTY: (Laughing) Hee hee hee.


1134BOYLAN'S VOICE: (Sweetly, hoarsely, in the pit of his stomach) Ah! Gooblazqruk brukarchkrasht!


1135MARION'S VOICE: (Hoarsely, sweetly, rising to her throat) O! Weeshwashtkissinapooisthnapoohuck?


1136BLOOM: (His eyes wildly dilated, clasps himself) Show! Hide! Show! Plough her! More! Shoot!


1137BELLA, ZOE, FLORRY, KITTY: Ho ho! Ha ha! Hee hee!


1138LYNCH: (Points) The mirror up to nature. (He laughs) Hu hu hu hu hu!


1139(Stephen and Bloom gaze in the mirror. The face of William Shakespeare, beardless, appears there, rigid in facial paralysis, crowned by the reflection of the reindeer antlered hatrack in the hall.)


1140SHAKESPEARE: (In dignified ventriloquy) 'Tis the loud laugh bespeaks the vacant mind. (To Bloom) Thou thoughtest as how thou wastest invisible. Gaze. (He crows with a black capon's laugh) Iagogo! How my Oldfellow chokit his Thursdaymornun. Iagogogo!

1140莎士比亚:(作庄严的腹语)高声大笑是心灵空虚的反映。 (对布卢姆)你以为人们瞧不见你的形影。瞧瞧吧。(他发出黑色阉鸡 的笑声,啼鸣。)伊阿古古!我的老伙伴怎样勒死了他的星期四莫娜 。伊阿古古古!

1141BLOOM: (Smiles yellowly at the three whores) When will I hear the joke?


1142ZOE: Before you're twice married and once a widower.


1143BLOOM: Lapses are condoned. Even the great Napoleon when measurements were taken next the skin after his death...

1143布卢姆:对过失要宽容。就连伟大的拿破仑,当他死后赤身露体地被人量尺寸的时候 ……

1144(Mrs Dignam, widow woman, her snubnose and cheeks flushed with deathtalk, tears and Tunney's tawny sherry, hurries by in her weeds, her bonnet awry, rouging and powdering her cheeks, lips and nose, a pen chivvying her brood of cygnets. Beneath her skirt appear her late husband's everyday trousers and turnedup boots, large eights. She holds a Scottish widows' insurance policy and a large marquee umbrella under which her brood run with her, Patsy hopping on one shod foot, his collar loose, a hank of porksteaks dangling, freddy whimpering, Susy with a crying cod's mouth, Alice struggling with the baby. She cuffs them on, her streamers flaunting aloft.)

1144(守了寡的迪格纳穆太太由于谈论死者而流了泪,并饮滕尼 的黄褐色雪利酒,使她那狮子鼻和面颊泛红起来。她身着丧服,歪戴软帽,涂了口红,脸上抹着粉,匆匆赶路,活像一只母天鹅赶着成群的小天鹅。 裙子底下露出她的亡夫家常穿的长裤和那双帮口翻过来的八英寸大号靴子。她手持苏格兰遗孀保险公司 的保险单,打着一把大阳伞。她那窝小雏在伞下跟着她跑。帕齐用穿着单帮鞋的那只脚在前边跳跳蹿蹿,脖领松开来,手里提拎着一块猪排。弗雷迪啜泣着。苏茜那张嘴活像是哭着的鳕。艾丽斯吃力地抱着个娃娃。她啪啪地打着孩子们,催他们往前走,黑纱高高地飘扬着。)

1145FREDDY: Ah, ma, you're dragging me along!


1146SUSY: Mamma, the beeftea is fizzing over!


1147SHAKESPEARE: (With paralytic rage) Weda seca whokilla farst.

1147莎士比亚:(带着中风患者的愤怒)先把头一个丈夫杀了,然后嫁给第二个 。

1148(The face of Martin Cunningham, bearded, refeatures Shakespeare's beardless face. The marquee umbrella sways drunkenly, the children run aside. Under the umbrella appears Mrs Cunningham in Merry Widow hat and kimono gown. She glides sidling and bowing, twirling japanesily.)




1150And they call me the jewel of Asia!


1151MARTIN CUNNINGHAM: (Gazes on her, impassive) Immense! Most bloody awful demirep!


1152STEPHEN: Et exaltabuntur cornua iusti. Queens lay with prize bulls. Remember Pasiphae for whose lust my grandoldgrossfather made the first confessionbox. Forget not Madam Grissel Steevens nor the suine scions of the house of Lambert. And Noah was drunk with wine. And his ark was open.

1152斯蒂芬:惟有义人之角,必被高抬。皇后们跟优良公牛们一道睡觉。要记住:由于帕西菲的荒淫,我那肥胖的老祖父修建了第一间忏悔阁子。 不要忘记格莉塞尔·斯蒂文斯夫人 ,也不要忘记兰伯特家的猪子猪孙。挪亚喝醉了酒 。他的方舟敞着盖儿。

1153BELLA: None of that here. Come to the wrong shop.


1154LYNCH: Let him alone. He's back from Paris.


1155ZOE: (Runs to stephen and links him) O go on! Give us some parleyvoo.


1156(Stephen claps hat on head and leaps over to the fireplace where he stands with shrugged shoulders, finny hands outspread, a painted smile on his face.)


1157LYNCH: (Oommelling on the sofa) Rmm Rmm Rmm Rrrrrrmmmm.


1158STEPHEN: (Gabbles with marionette jerks) Thousand places of entertainment to expense your evenings with lovely ladies saling gloves and other things perhaps hers heart beerchops perfect fashionable house very eccentric where lots cocottes beautiful dressed much about princesses like are dancing cancan and walking there parisian clowneries extra foolish for bachelors foreigns the same if talking a poor english how much smart they are on things love and sensations voluptuous. Misters very selects for is pleasure must to visit heaven and hell show with mortuary candles and they tears silver which occur every night. Perfectly shocking terrific of religion's things mockery seen in universal world. All chic womans which arrive full of modesty then disrobe and squeal loud to see vampire man debauch nun very fresh young with dessous troublants. (He clacks his tongue loudly) Ho, la la! Ce pif qu'il a!

1158斯蒂芬:(像牵线木偶股地颤悠着身子,唠叨着)有千百家娱乐场所供你和可爱的仕女们消磨夜晚。她们把手套和其他东西,也许甚至连心都卖给你。在应有尽有的时髦而又非常新奇的啤酒厅里,许多穿得漂漂亮亮的公主般的高等妓女跳着康康舞 ,给外国单身汉表演特别荒唐的巴黎式滑稽舞蹈。尽管英国话讲得蹩脚,然而风骚淫荡起来,她们可真是驾轻就熟。凡是对冶游格外挑剔的老爷们,可务必去观赏一下她们在流银色泪水的葬仪蜡烛映照下的天堂地狱表演 。那是每天晚上都举行的。普天之下再也没有比这更加阴森可怕、触目惊心的对宗教的嘲弄了。所有那些时髦潇洒的妇道人家,端庄淑静地走来,随即脱光衣服,尖声大叫起来,观看那个扮成吸血鬼的男人奸污衬衣凌乱 的非常年轻鲜嫩的尼姑。(大声砸舌)哎呀呀!瞧他那大鼻子!

1159LYNCH: Vive le vampire!


1160THE WHORES: Bravo! Parleyvoo!


1161STEPHEN: (Grimacing with head back, laughs loudly, clapping himself) Great success of laughing. Angels much prostitutes like and holy apostles big damn ruffians. Demimondaines nicely handsome sparkling of diamonds very amiable costumed. Or do you are fond better what belongs they moderns pleasure turpitude of old mans? (He points about him with grotesque gestures which Lynch and the whores reply to) Caoutchouc statue woman reversible or lifesize tompeeptom of virgins nudities very lesbic the kiss five ten times. Enter, gentleman, to see in mirror every positions trapezes all that machine there besides also if desire act awfully bestial butcher's boy pollutes in warm veal liver or omlet on the belly pi鑓e de Shakespeare.

1161斯蒂芬:(仰面朝天地大笑,作怪相,为自已鼓掌喝采)笑得大获成功。既有很像窑姐儿的天使,又有大恶棍式的神圣使徒。有些高级娼妇衣着极其可人,佩带着一颗颗璀璨晶莹、闪闪发光的钻石。要么,你更喜欢老人们那种说得上是现代派快乐的猥亵吗?(他以怪诞的手势向周围指指点点,林奇和妓女们回应着。)把可以翻转的弹性橡皮女偶或非常肉感的等身大处女裸体像吻上五遍十遍。进来吧,先生们,瞧瞧镜子里的这些偶人扭着身子的各种姿势。要是想看更加过瘾的,还有肉铺小徒弟把温吞吞的牛肚或莎士比亚的剧作 煎蛋饼放在肚子上手淫的场面。

1162BELLA: (Clapping her belly sinks back on the sofa, with a shout of laughter) An omelette on the... Ho! ho! ho! ho!... omelette on the...


1163STEPHEN: (Mincingly) I love you, sir darling. Speak you englishman tongue for double entente cordiale. O yes, mon loup. How much cost? Waterloo. Watercloset. (He ceases suddenly and holds up a forefinger)


1164BELLA: (Laughing) Omelette...


1165THE WHORES: (Laughing) Encore! Encore!


1166STEPHEN: Mark me. I dreamt of a watermelon.


1167ZOE: Go abroad and love a foreign lady.


1168LYNCH: Across the world for a wife.


1169FLORRY: Dreams goes by contraries.


1170STEPHEN: (Extends his arms) It was here. Street of harlots. In Serpentine avenue Beelzebub showed me her, a fubsy widow. Where's the red carpet spread?

1170斯蒂芬:(摊开双臂)就在这儿。娼妓街。在蛇根木林荫路上,魔王让我看到了她——一个矮胖寡妇。 红地毯铺在哪儿呢?

1171BLOOM: (Approaching Stephen) Look...


1172STEPHEN: No, I flew. My foes beneath me. And ever shall be. World without end. (He cries) Pater! Free!

1172斯蒂芬:不,我飞了。我的仇敌在我下面。以迨永远,及世之世。父亲 !自由!

1173BLOOM: I say, look...


1174STEPHEN: Break my spirit, will he? O merde alors! (He cries, his vulture talons sharpened) Hola! Hillyho!


1175(Simon Dedalus' voice hilloes in answer, somewhat sleepy but ready.)


1176SIMON: That's all right. (He swoops uncertainly through the air, wheeling, uttering cries of heartening, on strong ponderous buzzard wings) Ho, boy! Are you going to win? Hoop! Pschatt! Stable with those halfcastes. Wouldn't let them within the bawl of an ass. Head up! Keep our flag flying! An eagle gules volant in a field argent displayed. Ulster king at arms! Haihoop! (He makes the beagle's call, giving tongue) Bulbul! Burblblburblbl! Hai, boy!


1177(The fronds and spaces of the wallpaper file rapidly across country. A stout fox, drawn from covert, brush pointed, having buried his grandmother, runs swift for the open, brighteyed, seeking badger earth, under the leaves. The pack of staghounds follows, nose to the ground, sniffing their quarry, beaglebaying, burblbrbling to be blooded. Ward Union huntsmen and huntswomen live with them, hot for a kill. From Six Mile Point, Flathouse, Nine Mile Stone follow the footpeople with knotty sticks, hayforks, salmongaffs, lassos, flockmasters with stockwhips, bearbaiters with tomtoms, toreadors with bullswords, greynegroes waving torches. The crowd bawls of dicers, crown and anchor players, thimbleriggers, broadsmen. Crows and touts, hoarse bookies in high wizard hats clamour deafeningly.)

1177(墙纸上的叶子图案和底色排成队迅速地越过田野。一只肥壮的狐狸,从隐匿处被赶出来,刚刚埋葬完奶奶,翘起尾巴,两眼发出锐利的光,在树叶底下寻觅獾的洞穴。一群猎鹿犬跟随着。鼻子贴在地面上,嗅着猎物的气味,哺儿哺噜哺儿哺噜地发出嗜血的吠声。医院俱乐部 的男女猎人跟它们一道活动,起劲地捕杀猎物。尾随于后的是来自“六英里小岬”、“平屋” 和“九英里石标” 的助猎者,拿着满是节疤的棍子、干草叉、鮭鱼钩和套索;还有手执牧鞭的羊倌,挎着长筒鼓的耍熊师,携带头牛剑的斗牛士,摇晃着火把的老练的黑人。成群的赌徒、掷冕锚游戏的、 玩杯艺的和玩牌时作弊的,大喊大叫。替盗贼把风者和头戴魔术师高帽、嗓子嘶哑的赌注经纪人,震耳欲聋地吵吵嚷嚷。)



1179Card of the races. Racing card!


1180Ten to one the field!


1181Tommy on the clay here! Tommy on the clay!


1182Ten to one bar one! Ten to one bar one!


1183Try your luck on Spinning Jenny!


1184Ten to one bar one!


1185Sell the monkey, boys! Sell the monkey!


1186I'll give ten to one!


1187Ten to one bar one!


1188(A dark horse, riderless, bolts like a phantom past the winningpost, his mane moonfoaming, his eyeballs stars. The field follows, a bunch of bucking mounts. Skeleton horses, Sceptre, Maximum the Second, Zinfandel, the Duke of Westminster's Shotover, Repulse, the Duke of Beaufort's Ceylon, prix de Paris. Dwarfs ride them, rustyarmoured, leaping, leaping in their, in their saddles. Last in a drizzle of rain on a brokenwinded isabelle nag, Cock of the North, the favourite, honey cap, green jacket, orange sleeves, Garrett Deasy up, gripping the reins, a hockeystick at the ready. His nag on spavined whitegaitered feet jogs along the rocky road.)

1188(一匹没有骑手的黑马,鬃毛在月光下汗水淋漓,眼珠子像星宿似的闪着光,宛若幽灵般冲过决胜终点。冷门马成群地弓背猛跳着,跟在后面。精瘦的马匹们,“权仗”、“马克西姆二世”、“馨芳葡萄酒”,威斯敏斯特公爵的“跨越”、“挫败”、波弗特公爵那匹获巴黎奖的“锡兰”。 侏儒们披戴锈迹斑斑的铠甲,骑在马上,并在鞍上跳跃,跳跃。在淅淅沥沥的雨中,殿后的是骑着热门马“北方的科克” ,缓步前进。)

1189THE ORANGE LODGES: (Jeering) Get down and push, mister. Last lap! You'll be home the night!


1190GARRETT DEASY: (Bolt upright, his nailscraped face plastered with postagestamps, brandishes his hockeystick, his blue eyes flashing in the prism of the chandelier as his mount lopes by at schooling gallop)


1191Per vias rectas!


1192(A yoke of buckets leopards all over him and his rearing nag a torrent of mutton broth with dancing coins of carrots, barley, onions, turnips, potatoes.)


1193THE GREEN LODGES: Soft day, sir John! Soft day, your honour!


1194(Private Carr, Private Compton and Cissy Caffrey pass beneath the windows, singing in discord.)


1195STEPHEN: Hark! Our friend noise in the street.


1196ZOE: (Holds up her hand) Stop!




1198Yet I've a sort a Yorkshire relish for...


1199ZOE: That's me. (She claps her hands) Dance! Dance! (She runs to the pianola) Who has twopence?


1200BLOOM: Who'll...?


1201LYNCH: (Handing her coins) Here.


1202STEPHEN: (Cracking his fingers impatiently) Quick! Quick! Where's my augur's rod? (He runs to the piano and takes his ashplant, beating his foot in tripudium)

1202斯蒂芬:(不耐烦地撅着手指发出声音)快!快!我那占卜师的手杖呢?(跑到钢琴跟前,拿起他那梣木手杖,踏着拍子跳起庄严的祭神舞 。)

1203ZOE: (Turns the drumhandle) There.


1204(She drops two pennies in the slot. Gold, pink and violet lights start forth. The drum turns purring in low hesitation waltz. Professor Goodwin, in a bowknotted periwig, in court dress, wearing a stained inverness cape, bent in two from incredible age, totters across the room, his hands fluttering. He sits tinily on the pianostool and lifts and beats handless sticks of arms on the keyboard, nodding with damsel's grace, his bowknot bobbing)


1205ZOE: (Twirls round herself, heeltapping) Dance. Anybody here for there? Who'll dance? Clear the table.


1206(The pianola with changing lights plays in waltz time the prelude of My Girl's a Yorkshire Girl. Stephen throws his ashplant on the table and seizes Zoe round the waist. Florry and Bella push the table towards the fireplace. Stephen, arming Zoe with exaggerated grace, begins to waltz her round the room. Bloom stands aside. Her sleeve filling from gracing arms reveals a white fleshflower of vaccination. Between the curtains Professor Maginni inserts a leg on the toepoint of which spins a silk hat. With a deft kick he sends it spinning to his crown and jauntyhatted skates in. He wears a slate frockcoat with claret silk lapels, a gorget of cream tulle, a green lowcut waistcoat, stock collar with white kerchief, tight lavender trousers, patent pumps and canary gloves. In his buttonhole is an immense dahlia. He twirls in reversed directions a clouded cane, then wedges it tight in his oxter. He places a hand lightly on his breastbone, bows, and fondles his flower and buttons.)

1206(在变幻莫测的灯光下,自动钢琴以华尔兹舞曲的拍子演奏起《我的意中人是位约克郡姑娘》的序曲。斯蒂芬将他的梣木手杖丢到桌上,一把搂住佐伊的腰。弗洛莉和贝洛把桌子朝壁炉推了推。斯蒂芬以夸张的高雅风度搂着佐伊,在室内旋转着跳起华尔兹舞。她的袖子从动作优雅的臂上滑落下来,露出种痘留下的白肉花。布卢姆站在一旁。马金尼 教师从帷幕间伸出一只脚来,大礼帽在脚趾尖上滴溜溜旋转。他熟练地一踢,那帽子便旋转着飞到他的头顶上了。他春风得意,滑也似地溜进了屋子。他身穿有着紫红色绸翻领的暗蓝灰色长礼服,系着奶油色护颈胸薄纱,背心的领口开得低低的,打成蝴蝶结的雪白宽饰领,淡紫色紧腿裤,脚蹬浅口无带的漆皮轻舞鞋,手上戴着鲜黄色手套。扣眼里插着一大朵大丽花。他朝相反的方向旋转着一根有云状花纹的手杖,随后又把它紧紧夹在腋下。他将一只手轻轻接着胸骨,深打一躬,把玩着花儿和钮扣。)

1207MAGINNI: The poetry of motion, art of calisthenics. No connection with Madam Legget Byrne's or Levenston's. Fancy dress balls arranged. Deportment. The Katty Lanner step. So. Watch me! My terpsichorean abilities. (He minuets forward three paces on tripping bee's feet) Tout le monde en avant! R関閞ence! Tout le monde en place!


1208(The prelude ceases. Professor Goodwin, beating vague arms shrivels, sinks, his live cape filling about the stool. The air in firmer waltz time sounds. Stephen and Zoe circle freely. The lights change, glow, fide gold rosy violet.)




1210Two young fellows were talking about their girls, girls, girls, Sweethearts they'd left behind...


1211(From a corner the morning hours run out, goldhaired, slimsandalled, in girlish blue, waspwaisted, with innocent hands. Nimbly they dance, twirling their skipping ropes. The hours of noon follow in amber gold. Laughing, linked, high haircombs flashing, they catch the sun in mocking mirrors, lifting their arms.)

1211(早晨的时光们 从角落里跑了出来。金发,足蹬细长的凉鞋,身穿女孩儿气的蓝衣,马蜂腰,清白的手。她们矫健地跳着舞,抡着跳绳。晌午的时光们穿的是呈琥珀色的金黄衣裳。她们笑着,手挽着手,高高地插在头上的梳子闪闪发光,举起双臂,用嘲讽的镜子 捕捉阳光。)

1212MAGINNI: (Clipclaps glovesilent hands) Carr? Avant deux! Breathe evenly! Balance!

1212马金尼:(轻轻拍着戴了手套发不出声音的手)摆好方阵!一对儿一对儿地前进! 呼吸要平稳!身体保持平衡!

1213(The morning and noon hours waltz in their places, turning, advancing to each other, shaping their curves, bowing visavis. Cavaliers behind them arch and suspend their arms, with hands descending to, touching, rising from their shoulders.)


1214HOURS: You may touch my.


1215CAVALIERS: May I touch your?


1216HOURS: O, but lightly!


1217CAVALIERS: O, so lightly!




1219My little shy little lass has a waist.


1220(Zoe and Stephen turn boldly with looser swing. The twilight hours advance from long landshadows, dispersed, lagging, languideyed, their cheeks delicate with cipria and false faint bloom. They are in grey gauze with dark bat sleeves that flutter in the land breeze.)


1221MAGINNI: Avant huit! Travers? Salut! Cours de mains! Crois?


1222(The night hours, one by one, steal to the last place. Morning, noon and twilight hours retreat before them. They are masked, with daggered hair and bracelets of dull bells. Weary they curchycurchy under veils.)


1223THE BRACELETS: Heigho! Heigho!


1224ZOE: (Twirling, her hand to her brow) O!


1225MAGINNI: Les tiroirs! Cha頽e de dames! La corbeille! Dos ?dos!


1226(Arabesquing wearily they weave a pattern on the floor, weaving, unweaving, curtseying, twirling, simply swirling.)


1227ZOE: I'm giddy!


1228(She frees herself, droops on a chair. Stephen seizes Florry and turns with her.)


1229MAGINNI: Boulang鑢e! Les ronds! Les ponts! Chevaux de bois! Escargots!


1230(Twining, receding, with interchanging hands the night hours link each each with arching arms in a mosaic of movements. Stephen and Florry turn cumbrously.)


1231MAGINNI: Dansez avec vos dames! Changez de dames! Donnez le petit bouquet ?votre dame! Remerciez!




1233Best, best of all,




1235KITTY: (JUMPS UP) O, they played that on the hobbyhorses at the Mirus bazaar!


1236(She runs to Stephen. He leaves florry brusquely and seizes Kitty. A screaming bittern's harsh high whistle shrieks. Groangrousegurgling Toft's cumbersome whirligig turns slowly the room right roundabout the room.)




1238My girl's a Yorkshire girl.




1240Yorkshire through and through.


1241Come on all!


1242(She seizes Florry and waltzes her.)


1243STEPHEN: Pas seul!


1244(He wheels Kitty into Lynch's arms, snatches up his ashplant from the table and takes the floor. All wheel whirl waltz twirl. Bloombella Kittylynch Florryzoe jujuby women. Stephen with hat ashplant frogsplits in middle highkicks with skykicking mouth shut hand clasp part under thigh. With clang tinkle boomhammer tallyho hornblower blue green yellow flashes Toft's cumbersome turns with hobbyhorse riders from gilded snakes dangled, bowels fandango leaping spurn soil foot and fall again.)

1244(他把吉蒂旋转到林奇的怀抱中,从桌上抓起他那根梣木手杖,参加跳舞。大家滴溜溜地旋转着,翩翩跳起华尔兹舞:布卢姆与贝洛,吉蒂与林奇,弗洛莉与佐伊,嚼着枣味胶糖的女人们。斯蒂芬头戴帽子,手执梣木杖,脚像青蛙似的叉开,对准半空,不高不低地踢着脚。他闭着嘴,半撂着的手放在大腿下。槌子丁当铿锵咚咚乱响,吹号角的嗬嗬地吹着。蓝、绿、黄色的闪光。托夫特那笨重的木马旋转着,骑手们晃来晃去地悬挂在镀金蛇上。腑脏跳方登戈舞 ,踢起泥土,用脚踩拍子,随即停了下来。)



1246Though she's a factory lass


1247And wears no fancy clothes.


1248(Closeclutched swift swifter with glareblareflare scudding they scootlootshoot lumbering by. Baraabum!)


1249TUTTI: Encore! Bis! Bravo! Encore!


1250SIMON: Think of your mother's people!


1251STEPHEN: Dance of death.


1252(Bang fresh barang bang of lacquey's bell, horse, nag, steer, piglings, Conmee on Christass, lame crutch and leg sailor in cockboat armfolded ropepulling hitching stamp hornpipe through and through. Baraabum! On nags hogs bellhorses Gadarene swine Corny in coffin Steel shark stone onehandled nelson two trickies Frauenzimmer plumstained from pram filling bawling gum he's a champion. Fuseblue peer from barrel rev. evensong Love on hackney jaunt Blazes blind coddoubled bicyclers Dilly with snowcake no fancy clothes. Then in last switchback lumbering up and down bump mashtub sort of viceroy and reine relish for tublumber bumpshire rose. Baraabum!)

1252(当啷,伙计的手铃又当啷一声。马、驽马、阉牛、猪仔,康米神父骑着基督驴 ,拄着拐的独脚瘸腿水兵在小艇上交抱着胳膊,拉纤,跛行,跺脚,跳的整个儿是号笛舞 。吧啦嘣!骑着驽马、阉猪、系着铃裆的马、加大拉猪,科尼在棺材里。钢铁鲨鱼、石头独臂纳尔逊,两个狡猾的婆娘 身上满是李子汁,大声喊着从婴儿车 里滚下来。天啊,他是无与伦比的。酒桶出贵族 ,蓝色的引线,洛夫神父 晚祷,布莱泽斯乘轻便二轮马车,盲人 ,恰似鳕鱼那样蜷缩着身子骑自行车的人们,迪丽拿着雪酥糕 ,不穿花哨衣裳。最后,是一场“之”字形舞,动作迟缓,步子沉重,一上一下,酿酒桶 嘎噔嘎噔的。合乎总督和王后的口味,呱嗒呱嗒噼通扑通玫瑰花。吧拉嘣!)

1253(The couples fall aside. Stephen whirls giddily. Room whirls back. Eyes closed he totters. Red rails fly spacewards. Stars all around suns turn roundabout. Bright midges dance on walls. He stops dead.)


1254STEPHEN: Ho!


1255(Stephen's mother, emaciated, rises stark through the floor, in leper grey with a wreath of faded orangeblossoms and a torn bridal veil, her face worn and noseless, green with gravemould. Her hair is scant and lank. She fixes her bluecircled hollow eyesockets on Stephen and opens her toothless mouth uttering a silent word. A choir of virgins and confessors sing voicelessly.)




1257Liliata rutilantium te confessorum...


1258Iubilantium te virginum...


1259(from the top of a tower Buck Mulligan, in particoloured jester's dress of puce and yellow and clown's cap with curling bell, stands gaping at her, a smoking buttered split scone in his hand.)


1260BUCK MULLIGAN: She's beastly dead. The pity of it! Mulligan meets the afflicted mother. (He upturns his eyes) Mercurial Malachi!


1261THE MOTHER: (With the subtle smile of death's madness) I was once the beautiful May Goulding. I am dead.


1262STEPHEN: (Horrorstruck) Lemur, who are you? No. What bogeyman's trick is this?


1263BUCK MULLIGAN: (Shakes his curling capbell) The mockery of it! Kinch dogsbody killed her bitchbody. She kicked the bucket. (Tears of molten butter fall from his eyes on to the scone) Our great sweet mother! Epi oinopa ponton.


1264THE MOTHER: (Comes nearer, breathing upon him softly her breath of wetted ashes) All must go through it, Stephen. More women than men in the world. You too. Time will come.

1264母亲:(挨近了些,轻轻地朝他呼出一股湿灰的气味)斯蒂芬,这是人人都得经受的。世上女人比男人多。 你也一样。时候会到来的。

1265STEPHEN: (Choking with fright, remorse and horror) They say I killed you, mother. He offended your memory. Cancer did it, not I. Destiny.


1266THE MOTHER: (A green rill of bile trickling from a side of her mouth) You sang that song to me. Love's bitter mystery.


1267STEPHEN: (Eagerly) Tell me the word, mother, if you know now. The word known to all men.


1268THE MOTHER: Who saved you the night you jumped into the train at Dalkey with Paddy Lee? Who had pity for you when you were sad among the strangers? Prayer is allpowerful. Prayer for the suffering souls in the Ursuline manual and forty days' indulgence. Repent, Stephen.

1268母亲:那个晚上,当你和帕迪在多基 跳上火车的时候,是谁救的你?当你在陌生人当中感到悲哀的时候,是谁可怜过你?祷告是万能的。念乌尔苏拉祈祷书里那段为受苦灵魂的经文,就可以获得四十天大赦。 悔改吧,斯蒂芬。

1269STEPHEN: The ghoul! Hyena!


1270THE MOTHER: I pray for you in my other world. Get Dilly to make you that boiled rice every night after your brainwork. Years and years I loved you, O, my son, my firstborn, when you lay in my womb.

1270母亲:我在另一个世界 为你祷告。每天晚上用完脑子以后,叫迪丽给你煮点大米粥。自打在肚子里怀上你,多少年来我一直爱着你。哦,我的儿子,我的头一胎。

1271ZOE: (Fanning herself with the grate fan) I'm melting!


1272FLORRY: (Points to Stephen) Look! He's white.


1273BLOOM: (Goes to the window to open it more) Giddy.


1274THE MOTHER: (With smouldering eyes) Repent! O, the fire of hell!


1275STEPHEN: (Panting) His noncorrosive sublimate! The corpsechewer! Raw head and bloody bones.

1275斯蒂芬:(气喘吁吁)经受永劫之火 !啖尸肉者!刚砍下来的头和鲜血淋漓的骨头。

1276THE MOTHER: (Her face drawing near and nearer, sending out an ashen breath) Beware! (She raises her blackened withered right arm slowly towards Stephen's breast with outstretched finger) Beware God's hand! (A green crab with malignant red eyes sticks deep its grinning claws in Stephen's heart.)

1276母亲:(她的脸越挨越近,发出湿灰气息。)当心哪!(她拾起那变黑了的、干瘪的右臂,扎煞着手指,慢慢伸向斯蒂芬的胸口。)当心天主的 手!(一只长着一双恶毒的红眼睛的绿螃蟹,将它那龇牙咧嘴 的钳子深深戳进斯蒂芬的心脏。)

1277STEPHEN: (Strangled with rage) Shite! (His features grow drawn grey and old)


1278BLOOM: (At the window) What?


1279STEPHEN: Ah non, par exemple! The intellectual imagination! With me all or not at all. Non serviam!

1279斯蒂芬:天哪,没什么! 理智的想象!对我来说:要么得到一切,要么一无所有。 我不侍奉。

1280FLORRY: Give him some cold water. Wait. (She rushes out)


1281THE MOTHER: (Wrings her hands slowly, moaning desperately) O Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on him! Save him from hell, O Divine Sacred Heart!


1282STEPHEN: No! No! No! Break my spirit, all of you, if you can! I'll bring you all to heel!


1283THE MOTHER: (In the agony of her deathrattle) Have mercy on Stephen, Lord, for my sake! Inexpressible was my anguish when expiring with love, grief and agony on Mount Calvary.

1283母亲:(临死时痛苦地挣扎着,发出痰声)主啊,为了我的缘故,可怜可怜斯蒂芬吧!当我在骷髅冈 上怀着爱、悲哀和凄楚咽气的时候,我的痛苦是难以形容的。

1284STEPHEN: Nothung!


1285(He lifts his ashplant high with both hands and smashes the chandelier. Time's livid final flame leaps and, in the following darkness, ruin of all space, shattered glass and toppling masonry.)


1286THE GASJET: Pwfungg!


1287BLOOM: Stop!


1288LYNCH: (Rushes forward and seizes Stephen's hand) Here! Hold on! Don't run amok!


1289BELLA: Police!


1290(Stephen, abandoning his ashplant, his head and arms thrown back stark, beats the ground and flies from the room, past the whores at the door.)


1291BELLA: (Screams) After him!


1292(The two whores rush to the halldoor. Lynch and Kitty and Zoe stampede from the room. They talk excitedly. Bloom follows, returns.)


1293THE WHORES: (Jammed in the doorway, pointing) Down there.


1294ZOE: (Pointing) There. There's something up.


1295BELLA: Who pays for the lamp? (She seizes Bloom's coattail) Here, you were with him. The lamp's broken.


1296BLOOM: (Rushes to the hall, rushes back) What lamp, woman?


1297A WHORE: He tore his coat.


1298BELLA: (Her eyes hard with anger and cupidity, points) Who's to pay for that? Ten shillings. You're a witness.


1299BLOOM: (Snatches up Stephen's ashplant) Me? Ten shillings? Haven't you lifted enough off him? Didn't he...?


1300BELLA: (Loudly) Here, none of your tall talk. This isn't a brothel. A ten shilling house.


1301BLOOM: (His head under the lamp, pulls the chain. Puling, the gasjet lights up a crushed mauve purple shade. He raises the ashplant.) Only the chimney's broken. Here is all he...


1302BELLA: (Shrinks back and screams) Jesus! Don't!

1302贝拉:(退缩,尖叫) 唉呀!可别!

1303BLOOM: (Warding off a blow) To show you how he hit the paper. There's not sixpenceworth of damage done. Ten shillings!


1304FLORRY: (With a glass of water, enters) Where is he?


1305BELLA: Do you want me to call the police?


1306BLOOM: O, I know. Bulldog on the premises. But he's a Trinity student. Patrons of your establishment. Gentlemen that pay the rent. (He makes a masonic sign) Know what I mean? Nephew of the vice-chancellor. You don't want a scandal.

1306布卢姆:哦,我知道,宅院里的斗犬 。然而他可是三一学院的学生。那儿净是你们这个店的主顾。替你们出房租的先生们 。(他做了个共济会会员的手势 。)你明白我的意思吗?他是副院长的侄子哩。你不愿意闹出丑闻吧。

1307BELLA: (Angrily) Trinity. Coming down here ragging after the boatraces and paying nothing. Are you my commander here or? Where is he? I'll charge him! Disgrace him, I will! (She Shouts) Zoe! Zoe!


1308BLOOM: (Urgently) And if it were your own son in Oxford? (Warningly) I know.


1309BELLA: (Almost speechless) Who are. Incog!


1310ZOE: (In the doorway) There's a row on.


1311BLOOM: What? Where? (He throws a shilling on the table and starts) That's for the chimney. Where? I need mountain air.


1312(He hurries out through the hall. The whores point. Florry follows, spilling water from her tilted tumbler. On the doorstep all the whores clustered talk volubly, pointing to the right where the fog has cleared off. From the left arrives a jingling hackney car. It slows to in front of the house. Bloom at the halldoor perceives Corny Kelleher who is about to dismount from the car with two silent lechers. He averts his face. Bella from within the hall urges on her whores. They blow ickylickysticky yumyum kisses. Corny Kelleher replies with a ghastly lewd smile. The silent lechers turn to pay the jarvey. Zoe and Kitty still point right. Bloom, parting them swiftly, draws his caliph's hood and poncho and hurries down the steps with sideways face. Incog Haroun al Raschid he flits behind the silent lechers and hastens on by the railings with fleet step of a pard strewing the drag behind him, torn envelopes drenched in aniseed. The ashplant marks his stride. A pack of bloodhounds, led by Hornblower of Trinity brandishing a dogwhip in tallyho cap and an old pair of grey trousers, follow from fir, picking up the scent, nearer, baying, panting, at fault, breaking away, throwing their tongues, biting his heels, leaping at his tail. He walks, runs, zigzags, gallops, lugs laid back. He is pelted with gravel, cabbagestumps, biscuitboxes, eggs, potatoes, dead codfish, woman's slipperslappers. After him freshfound the hue and cry zigzag gallops in hot pursuit of follow my leader: 65 C, 66 C, night watch, John Henry Menton, Wisdom Hely, V. B. Dillon, Councillor Nannetti, Alexander Keyes, Larry O'rourke, Joe Cuffe Mrs O'dowd, Pisser Burke, The Nameless One, Mrs Riordan, The Citizen, Garryowen, Whodoyoucallhim, Strangeface, Fellowthatsolike, Sawhimbefore, Chapwithawen, Chris Callinan, Sir Charles Cameron, Benjamin Dollard, Lenehan, Bartell d'Arcy, Joe Hynes, red Murray, editor Brayden, T. M. Healy, Mr Justice Fitzgibbon, John Howard Parnell, the reverend Tinned Salmon, Professor Joly, Mrs Breen, Denis Breen, Theodore Purefoy, Mina Purefoy, the Westland Row postmistress, C. P. M'Coy, friend of Lyons, Hoppy Holohan, maninthestreet, othermaninthestreet, Footballboots, pugnosed driver, rich protestant lady, Davy Byrne, Mrs Ellen M'Guinness, Mrs Joe Gallaher, George Lidwell, Jimmy Henry on corns, Superintendent Laracy, Father Cowley, Crofton out of the Collector-general's, Dan Dawson, dental surgeon Bloom with tweezers, Mrs Bob Doran, Mrs Kennefick, Mrs Wyse Nolan, John Wyse Nolan, handsomemarriedwomanrubbedagainstwide behindinClonskeatram, the bookseller of Sweets of Sin, Miss Dubedatandshedidbedad, Mesdames Gerald and Stanislaus Moran of Roebuck, the managing clerk of Drimmie's, Wetherup, colonel Hayes, Mastiansky, Citron, Penrose, Aaron Figatner, Moses Herzog, Michael E Geraghty, Inspector Troy, Mrs Galbraith, the constable off Eccles Street corner, old doctor Brady with stethoscope, the mystery man on the beach, a retriever, Mrs Miriam Dandrade and all her lovers.)

1312(他匆匆穿过门厅走到外面。娼妓们在指着。弗洛莉跟在后面,从她歪拿着的玻璃酒杯一路洒下水来。所有聚在大门口台阶上的娼妓们都指着雾已消散了的右方,七嘴八舌他说着。从左手辚辚地驶来了一辆出租马车。它逐渐减慢了速度,停在房前。布卢姆在大门口瞅见科尼·凯莱赫正要跟两个闷声不响的淫棍一道走下马车。贝拉在门厅里催促着手下的娼妓们。她们给以黏黏涎涎、吧唧吧唧的飞吻。科尼·凯莱赫报以幽灵般轻薄的微笑。一言不发的淫棍们转身去付钱给马车夫。佐伊和吉蒂还在朝右边指着。布卢姆飞快地从她们二人当中穿过去,把他那哈里发的头巾拉得低低的,整理一下,穗饰披肩,将脸扭向一边,匆忙冲下台阶。布卢姆伊然成了微服出访的哈伦·拉希德 ,从淫棍们背后穿过去,沿着栏杆,以豹子般的飞毛腿往前冲去,一路抛撒着在大回香籽汁里浸泡过的一个撕破了的信封,留下臭迹 。每迈一步,梣木手杖便戳出一个印儿。三一学院的霍恩布洛尔头戴嗬嗬帽 ,身穿灰色长裤,手里抡着一根狗鞭,领着一群警大,远远地跟在后面。它们嗅着那股气味,靠近一些,长吠一声,气喘吁吁,失掉了臭迹,四散奔跑,耷拉着舌头,又咬布卢姆的脚后跟,在他后面跳跳蹦蹦。他忽走忽跑,忽而按“之”字形前进,忽而又飞奔起来,两耳贴着后脑勺。砂砾、白菜帮子、饼干匣、鸡蛋、土豆、死鳕鱼、妇女所趿拉的拖鞋都雨点子般地朝他掷过来。重新嗅到气味的一群“学领袖样儿” 的队伍取“之”字形,大喊大叫,吵吵闹闹地奔跑着追逐他,其中包括夜警丙六十五号和丙六十六号、约翰·亨利·门顿、威兹德姆·希利、维·B·狄龙、参议员南尼蒂、亚历山大·凯斯、拉利·奥鲁尔克、乔·卡夫、奥多德太太、精明鬼伯克、无名氏、赖尔登太太 、“市民”、加里欧文、某人、陌生面孔、似曾相识者、一面之缘者、伙伴、克里斯·卡利南、查尔斯·卡梅伦爵士、 本杰明·多拉德、利内翰、巴特尔·达西、乔·海因斯、红穆雷、编辑布雷顿、蒂·迈·希利、菲茨吉本法官先生 、约翰·霍华德·巴涅尔、可敬的鲑鱼罐头萨蒙、乔利教授 、布林太太、丹尼斯·布林、西奥多·普里福伊、米娜·普里福伊、韦斯特兰横街邮政局女局长、C.P.麦科伊、莱昂斯的朋友、“独脚”霍罗翰、街上的男人、街上的另一男人、足球靴子、狮子鼻汽车司机、新教徒阔太太、戴维·伯恩、艾伦·麦吉尼斯太太 、乔·加拉赫太太、乔治·利德维尔、长了鸡眼的吉米·亨利 、拉拉西校长、考利神父、曾在税务局任职的克罗夫顿、丹·道森、手持镊子的牙医布卢姆 、鲍勃·多兰太太、肯内菲克太太、怀思·诺兰太太、约翰·怀思·诺兰、在驶往克朗斯基亚的电车里的那位将大屁股蹭过来的漂亮的有夫之妇 、出售《偷情的快乐》的书摊老板、杜比达特小姐——而且她真的吃了 、罗巴克的杰拉德·莫兰太太和斯但尼斯劳斯·莫兰太太、德里米 的事务员、韦瑟亚普、海斯上校、马斯添斯基、西特伦、彭罗斯、艾伦·菲加泽尔 、摩西·赫佐格、迈克尔·E。杰拉蒂、警官特洛伊 、加尔布雷斯太太 、埃克尔斯街拐角处的警官、带着听诊器的老医生布雷迪 、海滨上的神秘人物、衔回猎物的狗、米莉亚姆·丹德拉德太太 和她所有的情人。)

1313THE HUE AND CRY: (Helterskelterpelterwelter) He's Bloom! Stop Bloom! Stopabloom! Stopperrobber! Hi! Hi! Stophim on the corner!


1314(At the corner of Beaver Street beneath the scaffolding Bloom panting stops on the fringe of the noisy quarrelling knot, a lot not knowing a jot what hi! hi! row and wrangle round the whowhat brawlaltogether.)

1314(布卢姆上气不接下气地来到比弗街 的脚手架下,在喧嚣地吵着架的一簇人边上停下脚步。至于是谁在骂骂咧咧地吵着什么,围观者完全不摸头脑。)

1315STEPHEN: (With elaborate gestures, breathing deeply and slowly) You are my guests. Uninvited. By virtue of the fifth of George and seventh of Edward. History to blame. Fabled by mothers of memory.

1315斯蒂芬:(以优美的姿态,缓慢地深呼吸)你们是我的客人。不速之客。多亏了乔治五世和爱德华七世。看来这要怪历史。 记忆的母亲们所编的寓言。

1316PRIVATE CARR: (To Cissy Caffrey) Was he insulting you?


1317STEPHEN: Addressed her in vocative feminine. Probably neuter. Ungenitive.


1318VOICES: No, he didn't. I seen him. The girl there. He was in Mrs Cohen's. What's up? Soldier and civilian.


1319CISSY CAFFREY: I was in company with the soldiers and they left me to do—you know, and the young man run up behind me. But I'm faithful to the man that's treating me though I'm only a shilling whore.


1320STEPHEN: (Catches sight of Lynch's and Kitty's heads) Hail, Sisyphus. (He points to himself and the others) Poetic. Uropoetic.


1321VOICES: Shes faithfultheman.


1322CISSY CAFFREY: Yes, to go with him. And me with a soldier friend.


1323PRIVATE COMPTON: He doesn't half want a thick ear, the blighter. Biff him one, Harry.


1324PRIVATE CARR: (To Cissy) Was he insulting you while me and him was having a piss?


1325LORD TENNYSON: (Gentleman poet in Union Jack blazer and cricket flannels, bareheaded, flowingbearded) Theirs not to reason why.


1326PRIVATE COMPTON: Biff him, Harry.


1327STEPHEN: (To Private Compton) I don't know your name but you are quite right. Doctor Swift says one man in armour will beat ten men in their shirts. Shirt is synechdoche. Part for the whole.


1328CISSY CAFFREY: (To The Crowd) No, I was with the privates.


1329STEPHEN: (Amiably) Why not? The bold soldier boy. In my opinion every lady for example...

1329斯蒂芬:(和蔼地)为什么不能?勇敢的少年兵 。依我看,比方说,每一位妇女……

1330PRIVATE CARR: (His cap awry, advances to Stephen) Say, how would it be, governor, if I was to bash in your jaw?


1331STEPHEN: (Looks up to the sky) How? Very unpleasant. Noble art of selfpretence. Personally, I detest action. (He waves his hand) Hand hurts me slightly. Enfin ce sont vos oignons. (To Cissy Caffrey) Some trouble is on here. What is it precisely?


1332DOLLY GRAY: (From her balcony waves her handkerchief, giving the sign of the heroine of Jericho) Rahab. Cook's son, goodbye. Safe home to Dolly. Dream of the girl you left behind and she will dream of you.

1332多利·格雷:(从她家的阳台上挥着手绢,做那利哥女杰的记号。)喇合。 再见吧,厨师的儿子。 平平安安地回到多利那里吧。在梦中与你撇下的姑娘 相会吧,她也会梦见你。

1333(The soldiers turn their swimming eyes.)


1334BLOOM: (Elbowing through the crowd, plucks Stephen's sleeve vigorously) Come now, professor, that carman is waiting.


1335STEPHEN: (Turns) Eh? (He disengages himself) Why should I not speak to him or to any human being who walks upright upon this oblate orange? (He points his finger) I'm not afraid of what I can talk to if I see his eye. Retaining the perpendicular.


1336(He staggers a pace back)


1337BLOOM: (Propping him) Retain your own.


1338STEPHEN: (Laughs emptily) My centre of gravity is displaced. I have forgotten the trick. Let us sit down somewhere and discuss. Struggle for life is the law of existence but but human philirenists, notably the tsar and the king of England, have invented arbitration. (He taps his brow) But in here it is I must kill the priest and the king.


1339BIDDY THE CLAP: Did you hear what the professor said? He's a professor out of the college.


1340CUNTY KATE: I did. I heard that.


1341BIDDY THE CLAP: He expresses himself with such marked refinement of phraseology.


1342CUNTY KATE: Indeed, yes. And at the same time with such apposite trenchancy.


1343PRIVATE CARR: (Pulls himself free and comes forward) What's that you're saying about my king?


1344(Edward the Seventh appears in an archway. He wars a white jersey on which an image of the Sacred Heart is stitched with the insignia of Garter and Thistle, Golden Fleece, Elephant of Denmark, Skinner's and Probyn's horse, Lincoln's Inn bencher and ancient and honourable artillery company of Massachusetts. He sucks a red jujube. He is robed as a grand elect perfect and sublime mason with trowel and apron, marked made in Germany. In his left hand he holds a plasterer's bucket on which is printed D閒ense d'uriner. A roar of welcome greets him.)

1344(爱德华七世在拱廊上出现。他身穿绣着圣心 的白色运动衫,胸间佩带着嘉德勋章、蓟花勋章、金羊毛勋章、丹麦的象勋章、斯金纳与普罗宾的骑兵章 、林肯法学团体主管委员章、古老光荣的马萨诸塞炮兵连队 队徽。他嘴里嘬着红色枣味胶糖 ,身穿被推选出来的堂皇完美崇高的共济会会员的衣服,右手拿着袜子,系着围裙,上面标明“德国制造”,左手提着用印刷体写着“禁止小便”字样的泥水匠的桶。人们以雷鸣般的欢呼声来迎接他。)

1345EDWARD THE SEVENTH: (Slowly, solemnly but indistinctly) Peace, perfect peace. For identification, bucket in my hand. Cheerio, boys. (He turns to his subjects) We have come here to witness a clean straight fight and we heartily wish both men the best of good luck. Mahak makar a bak.

1345爱德华七世:(缓慢、庄重,然而含糊不清地)和平,真正的和平。 为了表明身分,朕手里特提着此桶,小伙子们,你们好。(他转向臣民们。)朕来此是为目睹一场光明正大、势均力敌的角斗的。朕衷心祝愿双方好运。你的老于诡计多端。 他同士兵卡尔、士兵康普顿、斯蒂芬、布卢姆和林奇握手。)

1346(He shakes hands with Private Carr, Private Compton, Stephen, Bloom and Lynch. General applause. Edward the Seventh lifts his bucket graciously in acknowledgment.)


1347PRIVATE CARR: (To Stephen) Say it again.


1348STEPHEN: (Nervous, friendly, pulls himself up) I understand your point of view though I have no king myself for the moment. This is the age of patent medicines. A discussion is difficult down here. But this is the point. You die for your country. Suppose. (He places his arm on Private Carr's sleeve) Not that I wish it for you. But I say: Let my country die for me. Up to the present it has done so. I didn't want it to die. Damn death. Long live life!


1349EDWARD THE SEVENTH: (Levitates over heaps of slain, in the garb and with the halo of Joking Jesus, a white jujube in his phosphorescent face)

1349爱德华七世:(飘浮在成堆的被屠杀者尸体上面。他身穿滑稽的耶稣 的衣裳,头上为耶稣的光晕所环绕。那张散发着磷光的脸上有一颗白色的枣味胶糖。)

1350My methods are new and are causing surprise. To make the blind see I throw dust in their eyes.


1351STEPHEN: Kings and unicorns! (He fills back a pace) Come somewhere and we'll... What was that girl saying?...


1352PRIVATE COMPTON: Eh, Harry, give him a kick in the knackers. Stick one into Jerry.


1353BLOOM: (To the privates, softly) He doesn't know what he's saying. Taken a little more than is good for him. Absinthe. Greeneyed monster. I know him. He's a gentleman, a poet. It's all right.

1353布卢姆:(轻声地对士兵们)他自己都不晓得在说些什么。喝得有点过了头,在作怪呢,苦艾酒。绿妖精 。我了解他。他是个有身分的人,一位诗人。不会有什么事的。

1354STEPHEN: (Nods, smiling and laughing) Gentleman, patriot, scholar and judge of impostors.


1355PRIVATE CARR: I don't give a bugger who he is.


1356PRIVATE COMPTON: We don't give a bugger who he is.


1357STEPHEN: I seem to annoy them. Green rag to a bull.


1358(Kevin Egan of Paris in black Spanish tasselled shirt and peep-o'-day boy's hat signs to Stephen.)


1359KEVIN EGAN: H'lo! Bonjour! The vieille ogresse with the dents jaunes.


1360(Patrice Egan peeps from behind, his rabbitface nibbling a quince leaf.)

1360(帕特里克·伊根 从后面窥伺,他有着一张兔子般的脸,正在啃着榅桲叶。)

1361PATRICE: Socialiste!


1362DON EMILE PATRIZIO FRANZ RUPERT POPE HENNESSY: (In medieval hauberk, two wild geese volant on his helm, with noble indignation points a mailed hand against the privates) Werf those eykes to footboden, big grand porcos of johnyellows todos covered of gravy!


1363BLOOM: (To Stephen) Come home. You'll get into trouble.


1364STEPHEN: (Swaying) I don't avoid it. He provokes my intelligence.


1365BIDDY THE CLAP: One immediately observes that he is of patrician lineage.


1366THE VIRAGO: Green above the red, says he. Wolfe Tone.


1367THE BAWD: The red's as good as the green. And better. Up the soldiers! Up King Edward!


1368A ROUGH: (Laughs) Ay! Hands up to De Wet.


1369THE CITIZEN: (With a huge emerald muffler and shillelagh, calls)


1370May the God above


1371Send down a dove


1372With teeth as sharp as razors


1373To slit the throats


1374Of the English dogs


1375That hanged our Irish leaders.


1376THE CROPPY BOY: (The ropenoose round his neck, gripes in his issuing bowels with both hands)


1377I bear no hate to a living thing, But I love my country beyond the king.


1378RUMBOLD, DEMON BARBER: (Accompanied by two blackmasked assistants, advances with gladstone bag which he opens) Ladies and gents, cleaver purchased by Mrs Pearcy to slay Mogg. Knife with which Voisin dismembered the wife of a compatriot and hid remains in a sheet in the cellar, the unfortunate female's throat being cut from ear to ear. Phial containing arsenic retrieved from body of Miss Barron which sent Seddon to the gallows.

1378恶魔理发师朗博尔德:(在两个戴黑面具的帮助伴随下,提着一只旅行包、边往前走,边掏它打开。)女士们,先生们,这把大菜刀是皮尔西太太为了砍死莫格而买的。 这把餐刀是沃伊辛用来肢解一位同胞的老婆的。他用床单将尸体裹起,藏在地窖里。那个不幸的女人的咽喉被从右耳割断到左耳。这是从巴伦小姐的尸体里提取的砒霜,塞登就因而被送上了绞架 。

1379(He jerks the rope. The assistants leap at the victim's legs and drag him downward, grunting the croppy boy's tongue protrudes violently.)




1381Horhot ho hray hor hother's hest.


1382(He gives up the ghost. A violent erection of the hanged sends gouts of sperm spouting through his deathclothes on to the cobblestones. Mrs Bellingham, Mrs Yelverton Barry and the Honourable Mrs Mervyn Talboys rush forward with their handkerchiefs to sop it up.)

1382(他咽了气。由于被绞死者急剧的勃起 ,精液透过尸体进溅到鹅卵石上。贝林厄姆夫人、耶尔弗顿·巴里夫人和默雯·塔尔博伊贵夫人赶紧冲上前,用她们的手绢把精液蘸起。)

1383RUMBOLD: I'm near it myself. (He undoes the noose) Rope which hanged the awful rebel. Ten shillings a time. As applied to Her Royal Highness. (He plunges his head into the gaping belly of the hanged and draws out his head again clotted with coiled and smoking entrails) My painful duty has now been done. God save the king!


1384EDWARD THE SEVENTH: (Dances slowly, solemnly, rattling his bucket, and sings with soft contentment)


1385On coronation day, on coronation day, O, won't we have a merry time, Drinking whisky, beer and wine!


1386PRIVATE CARR: Here. What are you saying about my king?


1387STEPHEN: (Throws up his hands) O, this is too monotonous! Nothing. He wants my money and my life, though want must be his master, for some brutish empire of his. Money I haven't. (He searches his pockets vaguely) GAVE IT TO SOMEONE.


1388PRIVATE CARR: Who wants your bleeding money?


1389STEPHEN: (Tries to move off) Will someone tell me where I am least likely to meet these necessary evils? 莂 se voit aussi ?paris. Not that I... But, by Saint Patrick...!

1389斯蒂芬:(想走开)有谁能够告诉我,在什么地方最能躲开这种无可避免的灾难呢?在巴黎也有这类事。 并不是我……然而,凭着圣帕特里克的名义……!

1390(The women's heads coalesce. Old Gummy Granny in sugarloaf hat appears seated on a toadstool, the deathflower of the potato blight on her breast.)

1390(几个妇女把头凑在一起。缺牙老奶奶戴着一顶塔糖状的帽子,坐在毒菌 上出现,胸前插着一朵生枯萎病凋谢了的土豆花。)

1391STEPHEN: Aha! I know you, gammer! Hamlet, revenge! The old sow that eats her farrow!

1391斯蒂芬:哎嘿!我认识你,老奶奶!哈姆莱特,报复! 吃掉自己的猪崽子的老母猪!

1392OLD GUMMY GRANNY: (Rocking to and fro) Ireland's sweetheart, the king of Spain's daughter, alanna. Strangers in my house, bad manners to them! (She keens with banshee woe) Ochone! Ochone! Silk of the kine! (She wails) You met with poor old Ireland and how does she stand?

1392缺牙老奶奶:(来回晃悠)爱尔兰的情入,西班牙国王的女儿,我亲爱的。对我家里的陌生人可不能讲礼貌!(她像狺女 那样不祥地恸哭着。)哎哟!哎哟!毛皮像绢丝般的牛 (她哀号着说。)你遇见了可怜的老爱尔兰,她怎样啦?

1393STEPHEN: How do I stand you? The hat trick! Where's the third person of the Blessed Trinity? Soggarth Aroon? The reverend Carrion Crow.

1393斯蒂芬:我怎么来容忍你好呢?帽子的戏法! 三位一体的第三位在哪儿呢?我热爱的教士吗?可敬的吃腐肉的乌鸦 。

1394CISSY CAFFREY: (Shrill) Stop them from fighting!


1395A ROUGH: Our men retreated.


1396PRIVATE CARR: (Tugging at his belt) I'll wring the neck of any fucker says a word against my fucking king.


1397BLOOM: (Terrified) He said nothing. Not a word. A pure misunderstanding.


1398THE CITIZEN: Erin go bragh!


1399(Major Tweedy and the Citizen exhibit to each other medals, decorations, trophies of war, wounds. Both salute with fierce hostility.)


1400PRIVATE COMPTON: Go it, Harry. Do him one in the eye. He's a proboer.


1401STEPHEN: Did I? When?


1402BLOOM: (To the redcoats) We fought for you in South Africa, Irish missile troops. Isn't that history? Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Honoured by our monarch.


1403THE NAVVY: (Staggering past) O, yes! O God, yes! O, make the kwawr a krowawr! O! Bo!

1403壮工:(脚步蹒跚地走过去)哦,对啦!哦,夭哪,对!哦,打吧,狠狠地打吧!哦!布 !

1404(Casqued halberdiers in armour thrust forward a pentice of gutted spearpoints. Major Tweedy, moustached like Turko the terrible, in bearskin cap with hackleplume and accoutrements, with epaulettes, gilt chevrons and sabretaches, his breast bright with medals, toes the line. He gives the pilgrim warrior's sign of the knights templars.)

1404(披甲戴铠的戟兵在枪尖上挑着一堆呈斜顶棚状的内脏,伸了过来,特威迪鼓手长留着可怕的土耳克 那样的口髭,头顶插有鸟颈毛的熊皮帽,军服上佩带着肩章和镀金的山形袖章,腰刀带上挂着佩囊,胸前是亮晃晃的勋章,准备进击。他打了个圣殿骑士团的朝圣武士的手势。)

1405MAJOR TWEEDY: (Growls gruffly) Rorke's Drift! Up, guards, and at them! Mahar shalal hashbaz.

1405特威迪鼓手长:(粗暴地咆哮)洛克滩 !禁卫军,振奋起来,向他们进攻!快抢,速夺!

1406PRIVATE CARR: I'll do him in.


1407PRIVATE COMPTON: (Waves the crowd back) Fair play, here. Make a bleeding butcher's shop of the bugger.


1408(Massed bands blare Garryowen and God save the King.)


1409CISSY CAFFREY: They're going to fight. For me!


1410CUNTY KATE: The brave and the fair.


1411BIDDY THE CLAP: Methinks yon sable knight will joust it with the best.


1412CUNTY KATE: (Blushing deeply) Nay, madam. The gules doublet and merry saint George for me!




1414The harlot's cry from street to street Shall weave Old Ireland's windingsheet.


1415PRIVATE CARR: (Loosening his belt, shouts) I'll wring the neck of any fucking bastard says a word against my bleeding fucking king.

1415士兵卡尔:(边松开他的皮带边喊 )哪个他妈的杂种敢说一句反对我那残暴的混蛋国王的话,我就拧断他的脖子!

1416BLOOM: (Shakes Cissy Caffrey's shoulders) Speak, you! Are you struck dumb? You are the link between nations and generations. Speak, woman, sacred lifegiver!

1416布卢姆:(摇撼西茜·卡弗里的肩膀)说呀,你!你给吓成哑巴了吗? 你是国民与国民、世代与世代之间的纽带呀。说吧,女人,神圣的生命之赐与者!

1417CISSY CAFFREY: (Alarmed, seizes Private Carr's sleeve) Amn't I with you? Amn't I your girl? Cissy's your girl. (She cries) Police!


1418STEPHEN: (Ecstatically, to Cissy Caffrey)


1419White thy fambles, red thy gan


1420And thy quarrons dainty is.


1421VOICES: Police!


1422DISTANT VOICES: Dublin's burning! Dublin's burning! On fire, on fire!


1423(Brimstone fires spring up. Dense clouds roll past. Heavy Gatling guns boom. Pandemonium. Troops deploy. Gallop of hoofs. Artillery. Hoarse commands. Bells clang. Backers shout. Drunkards bawl. Whores screech. Foghorns hoot. Cries of valour. Shrieks of dying. Pikes clash on cuirasses. Thieves rob the slain. Birds of prey, winging from the sea, rising from marshlands, swooping from eyries, hover screaming, gannets, cormorants, vultures, goshawks, climbing woodcocks, peregrines, merlins, blackgrouse, sea eagles, gulls, albatrosses, barnacle geese. The midnight sun is darkened. The earth trembles. The dead of Dublin from Prospect and Mount Jerome in white sheepskin overcoats and black goatfell cloaks arise and appear to many. A chasm opens with a noiseless yawn. Tom Rochford, winner, in athlete's singlet and breeches, arrives at the head of the national hurdle handicap and leaps into the void. He is followed by a race of runners and leapers. In wild attitudes they spring from the brink. Their bodies plunge. Factory lasses with fancy clothes toss redhot Yorkshire baraabombs. Society ladies lift their skirts above their heads to protect themselves. Laughing witches in red cutty sarks ride through the air on broomsticks. Quakerlyster plasters blisters. It rains dragons' teeth. Armed heroes spring up from furrows. They exchange in amity the pass of knights of the red cross and fight duels with cavalry sabres: Wolfe Tone against Henry Grattan, Smith O'Brien against Daniel O'Connell, Michael Davitt against Isaac Butt, Justin M'Carthy against Parnell, Arthur Griffith against John Redmond, John O'Leary against Lear O'Johnny, Lord Edward Fitzgerald against Lord Gerald Fitzedward, The O'Donoghue of the Glens against The Glens of The O'Donoghue. On an eminence, the centre of the earth, rises the feldaltar of Saint Barbara. Black candles rise from its gospel and epistle horns. From the high barbacans of the tower two shafts of light fall on the smokepalled altarstone. On the altarstone Mrs Mina Purefoy, goddess of unreason, lies, naked, fettered, a chalice resting on her swollen belly. Father Malachi O'Flynn in a lace petticoat and reversed chasuble, his two left feet back to the front, celebrates camp mass. The Reverend Mr Hugh C Haines Love M. A. in a plain cassock and mortarboard, his head and collar back to the front, holds over the celebrant's head an open umbrella.)

1423(硫磺火熊熊燃烧。浓云滚滚。重加特林机枪 轰鸣着。魔窟。队伍疏散开来。马蹄飞奔。炮兵队。嘶哑的发号施令声。钟声铿锵。赌客吆喝。醉汉大喊大嚷。娼妓尖叫。雾笛嘟嘟。勇士大吼。临终发出的悲鸣。铁镐丁丁当当地敲着胸甲。 盗贼剥走被害者的衣物。猛禽们或从海上飞来,或从沼地腾空而起,或从崖上的巢窝俯冲猛扑,盘旋嘶鸣:成群的塘鹅、鸬鹚、秃骛、苍鹰:山鹬、游隼、灰背隼、黑琴鸡、白尾鹰、鸥、信天翁、北极黑雁。午夜的日头暗了下来。大地震动。来自前景公墓和杰罗姆山公墓 的都柏林死者们复活了。他们有的身着白绵羊皮外套,有的披着黑山羊皮斗篷 ,在很多人面前出现。一个裂缝无声地张开了大口。冠军汤姆·罗赤福特身着运动员背心和短裤,在全国跳栏障碍赛中领先,接着纵身跳进真空。参加竞赛的人们或跑或跳地跟在后面。他们狂热地从悬崖边沿往下跳,身子倒载葱地跌下去。穿着花哨衣裳的工厂姑娘 掷出一颗颗炽热的约克郡炸弹。社交界的显贵妇女们将裙子撩到头顶上,保护着自己。大笑着的魔女 身穿红色短衬衣,骑着扫帚把腾空而去。公谊会教徒利斯特在水庖上贴了膏药。龙牙如雨注。从垄沟里跳出一批全副武装的英雄们。他们友好地交换红十字骑士团 的口令,用骑兵的军刀比武:沃尔夫·托恩对亨利·格拉顿 ,史密斯。奥布赖恩对丹尼尔·奥康内尔,迈克尔·达维特对伊萨克。巴特 ),贾斯廷·麦卡锡对巴涅尔,阿瑟·格里菲思对约翰·雷德蒙,约翰·奥利里对利尔奥·约翰尼,爱德华·菲茨杰拉德勋爵对杰拉德·菲茨爱德华勋爵, 峡谷的奥德诺霍对奥德诺霍的峡谷。大地中央的高处,矗立着圣女芭巴拉 的祭台。放福音书和放使徒书信的角上,各竖着一支黑蜡烛。从塔那高高的碉楼,两道光束倾泻至轻烟缭绕的祭台石面上。背理女神·米娜·普里福伊太太套着脚镣,赤条条地躺在祭台石面上,鼓起的肚皮上放着圣爵。玛拉基·奥弗林神父穿着网织衬裙和把里子翻过来的祭披;他有一双反长着的左脚,正在举行露营弥撒。可敬的文学硕士休·C·海恩斯·洛夫教士先生,身穿素净的黑袍,戴学士帽,脑袋和脖领都扭到后面去,)打着一把撑开的雨伞,替神父遮着头。)

1424FATHER MALACHI O'FLYNN: Introibo ad altare diaboli.


1425THE REVEREND MR HAINES LOVE: To the devil which hath made glad my young days.


1426FATHER MALACHI O'FLYNN: (Takes from the chalice and elevates a blooddripping host) Corpus meum.


1427THE REVEREND MR HAINES LOVE: (Raises high behind the celebrant's petticoat, revealing his grey bare hairy buttocks between which a carrot is stuck) My body.


1428THE VOICE OF ALL THE DAMNED: Htengier Tnetopinmo Dog Drol eht rof, Aiulella!


1429(From on high the voice of Adonai calls.)


1430ADONAI: Dooooooooooog!


1431THE VOICE OF ALL THE BLESSED: Alleluia, for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth!


1432(From on high the voice of Adonai calls.)


1433ADONAI: Goooooooooood!


1434(In strident discord peasants and townsmen of Orange and Green factions sing Kick the Pope and Daily, daily sing to Mary.)


1435PRIVATE CARR: (With ferocious articulation) I'll do him in, so help me fucking Christ! I'll wring the bastard fucker's bleeding blasted fucking windpipe!


1436OLD GUMMY GRANNY: (Thrusts a dagger towards Stephen's hand) Remove him, acushla. At 8.35 a.m. you will be in heaven and Ireland will be free. (She prays) O good God, take him!

1436缺牙老奶奶:(将一把匕首朝着斯蒂芬的手递过去。)除掉他,啊,豆豆 。上午八点三十五分你就该升天堂了,爱尔兰将获得自由。



1438BLOOM: (Runs to lynch) Can't you get him away?


1439LYNCH: He likes dialectic, the universal language. Kitty! (To Bloom) Get him away, you. He won't listen to me.


1440(He drags Kitty away.)


1441STEPHEN: (Points) exit Judas. Et laqueo se suspendit.


1442BLOOM: (Runs to Stephen) Come along with me now before worse happens. Here's your stick.


1443STEPHEN: Stick, no. Reason. This feast of pure reason.


1444CISSY CAFFREY: (Pulling Private Carr) Come on, you're boosed. He insulted me but I forgive him. (Shouting in his ear) I forgive him for insulting me.


1445BLOOM: (Over Stephen's shoulder) Yes, go. You see he's incapable.


1446PRIVATE CARR: (Breaks loose) I'll insult him.


1447(He rushes towards Stephen, fist outstretched, and strikes him in the face. Stephen totters, collapses, falls, stunned. He lies prone, his face to the sky, his hat rolling to the wall. Bloom follows and picks it up.)


1448MAJOR TWEEDY: (Loudly) Carbine in bucket! Cease fire! Salute!


1449THE RETRIEVER: (Barking furiously) Ute ute ute ute ute ute ute ute.


1450THE CROWD: Let him up! Don't strike him when he's down! Air! Who? The soldier hit him. He's a professor. Is he hurted? Don't manhandle him! He's fainted!


1451A HAG: What call had the redcoat to strike the gentleman and he under the influence. Let them go and fight the Boers!


1452THE BAWD: Listen to who's talking! Hasn't the soldier a right to go with his girl? He gave him the coward's blow.


1453(They grab at each other's hair, claw at each other and spit)


1454THE RETRIEVER: (Barking) Wow wow wow.


1455BLOOM: (Shoves them back, loudly) Get back, stand back!


1456PRIVATE COMPTON: (Tugging his comrade) Here. Bugger off, Harry. Here's the cops! (Two raincaped watch, tall, stand in the group.)


1457FIRST WATCH: What's wrong here?


1458PRIVATE COMPTON: We were with this lady. And he insulted us. And assaulted my chum. (The retriever barks) Who owns the bleeding tyke?


1459CISSY CAFFREY: (With expectation) Is he bleeding!


1460A MAN: (Rising from his knees) No. Gone off. He'll come to all right.


1461BLOOM: (Glances sharply at the man) Leave him to me. I can easily...


1462SECOND WATCH: Who are you? Do you know him?


1463PRIVATE CARR: (Lurches towards the watch) He insulted my lady friend.


1464BLOOM: (Angrily) You hit him without provocation. I'm a witness. Constable, take his regimental number.


1465SECOND WATCH: I don't want your instructions in the discharge of my duty.


1466PRIVATE COMPTON: (Pulling his comrade) Here, bugger off Harry. Or Bennett'll shove you in the lockup.

1466士兵康普顿:(拽他的伙伴)喂,开溜吧,哈里。不然的话,贝内特军士长 会罚你关禁闭。

1467PRIVATE CARR: (Staggering as he is pulled away) God fuck old Bennett. He's a whitearsed bugger. I don't give a shit for him.


1468FIRST WATCH: (Takes out his notebook) What's his name?


1469BLOOM: (Peering over the crowd) I just see a car there. If you give me a hand a second, sergeant...


1470FIRST WATCH: Name and address.


1471(Corny Kelleker, weepers round his hat, a death wreath in his hand, appears among the bystanders.)


1472BLOOM: (Quickly) O, the very man! (He whispers) Simon Dedalus' son. A bit sprung. Get those policemen to move those loafers back.


1473SECOND WATCH: Night, Mr Kelleher.


1474CORNY KELLEHER: (To the watch, with drawling eye) That's all right. I know him. Won a bit on the races. Gold cup. Throwaway. (He laughs) Twenty to one. Do you follow me?


1475FIRST WATCH: (Turns to the crowd) Here, what are you all gaping at? Move on out of that.


1476(The crowd disperses slowly, muttering, down the lane.)


1477CORNY KELLEHER: Leave it to me, sergeant. That'll be all right. (He laughs, shaking his head) We were often as bad ourselves, ay or worse. What? Eh, what?


1478FIRST WATCH: (Laughs) I suppose so.


1479CORNY KELLEHER: (Nudges the second watch) Come and wipe your name off the slate. (He lilts, wagging his head) With my tooraloom tooraloom tooraloom tooraloom. What, eh, do you follow me?


1480SECOND WATCH: (Genially) Ah, sure we were too.


1481CORNY KELLEHER: (Winking) Boys will be boys. I've a car round there.


1482SECOND WATCH: All right, Mr Kelleher. Good night.


1483CORNY KELLEHER: I'll see to that.


1484BLOOM: (Shakes hands with both of the watch in turn) Thank you very much, gentlemen. Thank you. (He mumbles confidentially) We don't want any scandal, you understand. Father is a wellknown highly respected citizen. Just a little wild oats, you understand.


1485FIRST WATCH: O. I understand, sir.


1486SECOND WATCH: That's all right, sir.


1487FIRST WATCH: It was only in case of corporal injuries I'd have to report it at the station.


1488BLOOM: (Nods rapidly) Naturally. Quite right. Only your bounden duty.


1489SECOND WATCH: It's our duty.


1490CORNY KELLEHER: Good night, men.


1491THE WATCH: (Saluting together) Night, gentlemen. (They move off with slow heavy tread)


1492BLOOM: (Blows) Providential you came on the scene. You have a car?...


1493CORNY KELLEHER: (Laughs, pointing his thumb over his right shoulder to the car brought up against the scaffolding) Two commercials that were standing fizz in Jammet's. Like princes, faith. One of them lost two quid on the race. Drowning his grief. And were on for a go with the jolly girls. So I landed them up on Behan's car and down to nighttown.


1494BLOOM: I was just going home by Gardiner street when I happened to...


1495CORNY KELLEHER: (Laughs) Sure they wanted me to join in with the mots. No, by God, says I. Not for old stagers like myself and yourself. (He laughs again and leers with lacklustre eye) Thanks be to God we have it in the house, what, eh, do you follow me? Hah, hah, hah!


1496BLOOM: (Tries to laugh) He, he, he! Yes. Matter of fact I was just visiting an old friend of mine there, Virag, you don't know him (poor fellow, he's laid up for the past week) and we had a liquor together and I was just making my way home...


1497(The horse neighs.)


1498THE HORSE: Hohohohohohoh! Hohohohome!


1499CORNY KELLEHER: Sure it was Behan our jarvey there that told me after we left the two commercials in Mrs Cohen's and I told him to pull up and got off to see. (He laughs) Sober hearsedrivers a speciality. Will I give him a lift home? Where does he hang out? Somewhere in Cabra, what?


1500BLOOM: No, in Sandycove, I believe, from what he let drop.


1501(Stephen, prone, breathes to the stars. Corny Kelleher, asquint, drawls at the horse. Bloom, in gloom, looms down.)


1502CORNY KELLEHER: (Scratches his nape) Sandycove! (He bends down and calls to Stephen) Eh! (He calls again) Eh! He's covered with shavings anyhow. Take care they didn't lift anything off him.


1503BLOOM: No, no, no. I have his money and his hat here and stick.


1504CORNY KELLEHER: Ah, well, he'll get over it. No bones broken. Well, I'll shove along. (He laughs) I've a rendezvous in the morning. Burying the dead. Safe home!


1505THE HORSE: (Neighs) Hohohohohome.


1506BLOOM: Good night. I'll just wait and take him along in a few...


1507(Corny Kelleher returns to the outside car and mounts it. The horse harness jingles.)


1508CORNY KELLEHER: (From the car, standing) Night.


1509BLOOM: Night.


1510(The jarvey chucks the reins and raises his whip encouragingly. The car and horse back slowly, awkwardly, and turn. Corny Kelleher on the sideseat sways his head to and fro in sign of mirth at Bloom's plight. The jarvey joins in the mute pantomimic merriment nodding from the farther seat. Bloom shakes his head in mute mirthful reply. With thumb and palm Corny Kelleher reassures that the two bobbies will allow the sleep to continue for what else is to be done. With a slow nod Bloom conveys his gratitude as that is exactly what Stephen needs. The car jingles tooraloom round the corner of the tooraloom lane. Corny Kelleher again reassuralooms with his hand. Bloom with his hand assuralooms Corny Kelleher that he is reassuraloomtay. The tinkling hoofs and jingling harness grow fainter with their tooralooloo looloo lay. Bloom, holding in his hand Stephen's hat, festooned with shavings, and ashplant, stands irresolute. Then he bends to him and shakes him by the shoulder.)


1511BLOOM: Eh! Ho! (There is no answer; he bends again) Mr Dedalus! (There is no answer) The name if you call. Somnambulist. (He bends again and hesitating, brings his mouth near the face of the prostrate form) Stephen! (There is no answer. He calls again.) Stephen!


1512STEPHEN: (Groans) Who? Black panther. Vampire. (He sighs and stretches himself, then murmurs thickly with prolonged vowels)

1512斯蒂芬:(皱皱眉)谁?黑豹。吸血鬼。 (他叹了口气,伸开四肢,随即拖长母音,口齿不清地低语。)

1513Who... drive... Fergus now


1514And pierce... wood's woven shade?...


1515(He turns on his left side, sighing, doubling himself together.)


1516BLOOM: Poetry. Well educated. Pity. (He bends again and undoes the buttons of Stephen's waistcoat) To breathe. (He brushes the woodshavings from Stephen's clothes with light hand and fingers) One pound seven. Not hurt anyhow. (He listens) What?


1517STEPHEN: (Murmurs)


1518... shadows... the woods


1519... white breast... dim sea.


1520(He stretches out his arms, sighs again and curls his body. Bloom, holding the hat and ashplant, stands erect. A dog barks in the distance. Bloom tightens and loosens his grip on the ashplant. He looks down on Stephen's face and form.)


1521BLOOM: (Communes with the night) Face reminds me of his poor mother. In the shady wood. The deep white breast. Ferguson, I think I caught. A girl. Some girl. Best thing could happen him. (He murmurs)... swear that I will always hail, ever conceal, never reveal, any part or parts, art or arts... (He murmurs)... in the rough sands of the sea... a cabletow's length from the shore... where the tide ebbs... and flows ...

1521布卢姆:(与黑夜交谈)这张脸使我想起他那可怜的母亲。树林的阴影。深邃的雪白胸脯。我仿佛听他说是弗格森。是个姑娘。不知是哪儿的一位姑娘。他可能遇上了最大的幸运。(他嘟哝着。)……我发誓。不论是任何工作,任何技艺,我都一概接受,永远守密,绝不泄露。 ……(他低语。)……在海边的粗沙里……距岸边有一锚链长 ……那里,潮退……潮涨……

1522(Silent, thoughtful, alert he stands on guard, his fingers at his lips in the attitude of secret master. Against the dark wall a figure appears slowly, a fairy boy of eleven, a changeling, kidnapped, dressed in an eton suit with glass shoes and a little bronze helmet, holding a book in his hand. He reads from right to left inaudibly, smiling, kissing the page.)

1522(他沉默下来,若有所思,警觉着。他用手指按着嘴唇,俨然是一位共济会师傅。一个人影背对着黑暗的墙壁徐徐出现。这是个十一岁的仙童,被仙女诱拐了去的。身穿伊顿学院的制服,脚蹬玻璃鞋, 头戴小小的青铜盔,手捧一本书。他不出声地自右至左地读着 笑吟吟地吻着书页。)

1523BLOOM: (Wonderstruck, calls inaudibly) Rudy!


1524RUDY: (Gazes, unseeing, into Bloom's eyes and goes on reading, kissing, smiling. He has a delicate mauve face. On his suit he has diamond and ruby buttons. In his free left hand he holds a slim ivory cane with a violet bowknot. A white lambkin peeps out of his waistcoat pocket.)